She stared at the signboard. This spot always gave her the goosebumps and feeling of sadness; a déjà vu, she didn’t understand. It seemed to be telling her something, but she couldn’t pin-point. At night she lay restless; stared at the ceiling remembering that sign, until sleep came.

She watched in horror, as her lover was dragged to the palace’s main square. The community was against their union. She was a royalty, he just a peasant. As his neck was slit, she got up in her bed sweating profusely. Wasn’t the spot similar to the palace’s square, she finally understood.

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  1. Anonymous11:20

    Ah ha! A previous life.

  2. That would certainly give me nightmares.


  3. She certainly had a sad life.

  4. Anonymous17:43

    That's an interesting idea. In my city in Korea, there are bus stops named after the city gates that used to be in that spot and I wondered what it was like back then. Any given spot of ground has seen a lot of history. I don't envy her the nightmares though.

  5. Anonymous02:44

    Tragic story, well done.

  6. truth is often worse than nightmares

  7. Anonymous23:07

    Poor girl probably has nightmares (the same one) each time she takes that route. Creepy good! Nan :)

  8. An interesting story. I was imaging something totally different so you took me very much by surprise (which is a good thing)!

  9. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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