dabur immune indiadabur immune india

Tia paced up and down the length of the hospital corridor, for the umpteenth time. Hands clutched tight, with her knuckles almost jutting out of her skin, she was a bundle of nerves. Sweat trickled down her forehead, even in the controlled environment around, with the hospital’s pleasant air-conditioning. Every now and then, Tia looked anxiously at the stark white door, at the end of the corridor, that had the words ‘operation-theatre’ written boldly on it, in black. The light above it still glimmered ‘red’.
Inside, the operation was still on. All the doctors and nurses were on high alert; it was a delicate and very crucial operation. And Tia was specially instructed to keep away from the operating-room. From corner of her eyes, she could see the door open at times, and some nurses hurriedly going out to gather some apparatus or medicine, and returning as quickly. But when she tried to go up to them and question anything, they’d simply ask her to be patient and not keep disturbing; that they knew their job better. They requested her family ( her frail old mother, younger brother and his newly wedded wife who sat quietly on the corridor bench ), to control her. But they couldn’t. How could they? Her baby was inside that room – that had those dreadful words – OPERATION!

Hardly three years old, her baby was fighting for her dear life. And Tia could do nothing about it, except pace the corridor helplessly frustrated! With all those tubes inserted into her child's little body, Tia nearly fainted when she caught a glimpse of her baby who lay almost lifeless infused with local-anaesthesia, and was since told to stay away and not distract the serious on-goings. It was all her fault, Tia thought. It was all because of her own negligence, that she was seeing this horrible day. Had she taken precaution earlier and not been self-centred, things would’ve been so different.

Her relationship with Varun was on the rocks, when Tia was seven months pregnant. Depressed, she took all kinds of unprescribed drugs to calm her senses. Born pre-matured, her baby was weak, an effect of those drugs Tia realized belatedly. Varun came around with birth of the child, but it wasn’t for long. Cracks began appearing again when the child frequently fell ill. Tia had hoped the child would unite the family, but an unhealthy child did worse. An unhealthy child made an unhappy home. With both being working couple, and the child left to a maid's care, the diet and nutrition given was highly erratic. As a result, their lives began revolving around the child’s constant bouts of fever, clinic trips and boxes of medicines required to administer daily. Things finally hit the bottom, when one day the doctors gave Tia the most dreadful news of her life. Her child was diagnosed with cancer. That was the final straw. Tia knew her relationship with Varun would never be the same again. In the hospital, not a single member of Varun's family stood by her nor Varun himself!

The sound of the operation-theatre door opening brought Tia out of her deep troubled thoughts. Was everything all right? She looked up hopefully. The red light was switched off. Was it over? Was her nightmare over? Was it good news? Or….? She dreaded to think... She looked at the doctor who came out and stood by the door. He slowly removed the surgery cap from his head before looking at her. And as though in slow motion ~ he looked at her somberly for a while and then slowly shook his head, before moving away quickly. Tia couldn’t believe her eyes. It couldn’t be true. Her baby…oh her poor precious baby….


"Dimpy, you naughty child! Come and have the Chyawanprash. Got the mango flavour this time, specially for you. Do you want to hear the rabbit story that aunt Tia told you or not?" Maansi ran after Dimpy, her little bundle of joy, all of 6 years old. "It is Saturday today and Tia aunt would be coming home too, remember? She'll tell you a new story, if you'll be a good girl. Come on now sweetheart," Maansi was tired chasing her little angel. Her cute angel ~ her healthy and happy one. She had ensured all of proper diet and good nutrition since young for her child. Add to that, she gave her spoonfuls of ayurvedic goodness Dabur Chyawanprash everyday and had brought her up religiously with Dabur Tail massages. Result was a darling, active child who kept the family on their toes with her delightful antics.

"Mango, did you say mango, mummy?" And before Maansi could answer, her little angel came rushing to her side and opened her mouth eagerly, to lick off her favourite mango flavoured Chyawanprash from the spoon, her mother held. "Will Tia aunt take us picnic tomorrow, mummy?" Dimpy asked her mother, looking eagerly.

Every Sunday, Tia aunt took the whole family to picnic on a nature-trail, at the nearby hill-resort. In the open spaces, Dimpy had grown close to nature and looked forward to these regular outings.
"Yes, sweetheart. Now be a good girl and finish your homework before aunt Tia comes. And then we'll all enjoy together," Maansi said, looking fondly at her child. As the young girl went hopping off to finish her homework, with two pig-tails bouncing on her head, Maansi thought of Tia. Tia was her sister-in-law. Its been 7 years almost since she witnessed that awful day at the hospital. Tia had bellowed in heartwrenching pain, at the loss of her child. The grief the family faced, was terrible. Only with arrival of Dimpy, things changed and brightened. Seeing such an early demise of a little baby earlier, Maansi was determined to bring her own child up with outmost care. Unlike Tia's troubled marriage, Maansi had a supportive and caring husband; after all he too had witnessed that pain. And a healthy child like Dimpy made their little family indeed a happy one. Seeing Dimpy's twinkling eyes and chirpy demeanor, Tia too gradually got over the pain in her life. And made it a point to visit every weekend without fail.

dabur immune indiadabur immune india
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( Images - IB & Dabur ) | Our Children are our pride and joy. We love them and care for them and we let their warmth and energy fill our hearts and our homes. When this precious source of energy falls sick, its effects are felt throughout the house and it sometimes feels like the house itself has fallen ill. Dabur Chyawanprash, a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and more than 40 other natural ingredients. Dabur Chyawanprash increases Immunity by 3 times* & hence protects against illness.
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