Life is unpredictable, we all know that. Anything can happen to anyone, at anytime. We can't control fate can we? We cannot stop what has to happen. After all, there's someone else up there, in whose reins we all are. But can all that be changed...a little perhaps?

And herein comes, Birla Sun Life Insurance that believes that we are in control of our destiny. Eh what? You might ask. We can indeed deal with it better if we are prepared, no matter what surprises life throws at us. And life does that, a lot only too often.

  • Naina, a 36 year old widow, looked at the computer screen as she typed out her bank details. Even though a widow, not highly-educated, and having a son too yet she had a peaceful worry-less look about her. Biren, her late husband, had very thoughtfully taken up an insurance policy for his family. His sudden accident, that caused his untimely death, would have totally destroyed his family and brought them to the streets; but that thoughtful act on his part when alive prevented that misfortune from happening. Naina finished typing and without much hassle got the money transferred to her account. She had filled the 'Profile Update Form' and submitted the same to the branch earlier, while applying for NEFT. Birla Sun Life had made it easy by enabling payout for all policy( ies ) directly to bank account through Neft. Tomorrow was her son's school admission date, it'll be easy, she thought fearlessly. With a smile she logged out feeling secure.

  • Mathur, a regular job guy, hurried to the Birla Sun Life insurance branch office in the morning, to pay his monthly premium. He had taken a policy, filling all necessary PAN details ( crucial for all policies ), that helped him strike a balance between living comfortably in the present, as well as being financially secure in the future too, with regular disciplined savings. He knew at times of disasters, these savings of his would help him and also his family tremendously. Secured, he thus lived his life fearlessly!

  • The joy in Sharma's family was boundless. Arrival of a child filled their home with happiness. After the initial celebrations, Mr. Sharma went to the nearest Birla Sun Life insurance branch office, and bought a policy for his child. Rather than chocolates or toys, he thought this would be the perfect gift for his child; the one that would give his offspring the freedom to pursue his real passion/goals. While returning home, after securing his child's future, he didn't forget to pick up a toy too. A toy may give his child little happiness in the present, but the bigger gift that he just gifted with the insurance policy, would ensure right financial support and greater happiness in the long term.

  • Geetha, a 70 year old woman typed happily at her computer keyboard. She had learnt to use it only recently. She was eager to check if her bank-account was credited with the policy payout amount that was due. She had applied for the same earlier. And lo and behold, her face had tears of happiness seeing the amount credited for real. That simple it was - so hassle free! After working her whole life, she was reaping benefits of the Birla Sun Life retirement policy she had taken. Its been few years since she retired, and now she was enjoying a worry-less life. Her regular job income may have stopped, but the policy she had so meticulously planned, much ahead in life, had built a good corpus. It enabled to her to live a comfortable old-age life fearlessly and with confidence.


  • In the video below, we see the man getting a terrible news that his little son is suffering from autism, which is a growth/development issue, detected quite early in children. Without his wife around, he brings up the child on his own. His employer offers to help, but he refuses. He has a certain confidence in him though, to get through this ordeal fearlessly. And when he loses his job, then too, he doesn't lose heart. Infact, instead of being discouraged, he begins planning how he can give his child that security to live his life in happiness. He goes on to start his own business and get his child through a new school. Why? You may think. Its because he had secured his dreams though Birla Sun Life insurance, that helped him protect both his and his child's dreams. And even through highs and lows, he is able to sail without any worries.


    Security and planning can indeed help you protect your dreams and those of your loved ones. Security gives you the opportunity to follow your passion and do great things in life. Security enables you to go forth fearlessly ~ “Khud Ko Kar Buland”!

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    ( Images - Birla Sun Life )
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