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“the prince and the princess then lived happily ever after…,” Tara watched her son’s sleeping face as she wrapped up his bedtime story; he always fell asleep halfway through it.

With a sigh she tucked him, before glancing one last time fondly; she then switched off the light and left the room.

She hurriedly had a shower, before going over to the closet; she wouldn’t need the nightie anyways, so she pulled her minis instead.

In her dresser, she put on her make-up and dabbed perfume all over her body, hoping, she stilled looked attractive enough; but the stormy night outside didn’t give a good sign though.

No it wasn’t a party she was getting ready for; if she didn’t hurry she might not get any customer that night – fearing that, she hurried outside leaving her beloved son alone; when it was bedtime for all her work started ~ tough life of a hooker.

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  1. What a life! But then that is life, right? Nicely dne, Nandini.

  2. Very nicely crafted...simple yet tender. Life, at times, has its own way to test you. Well done!!

  3. thanks @Vinitha @Manish :-)


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