“There, they come again; those pesky guides and their bunch of tourists to create their usual nuisance,” the man spoke irritatedly, as he looked out of the hospital window that lay off the main highway; in a state of abandon.

“Have they brought them along too?” the woman joined the man, as she gazed out of the window, and watched the group of people approaching the building, with a feeling of nervousness creeping at her; she had a hard time recovering from what they did to her last time.

“Yes, I think so, they always come in these tours with them anyways, just to annoy us more;” the man replied dryly, the same feeling creeping into him as well; why didn’t they just leave them alone?

As the couple watched, the group entered the premises of the building, and the guide started narrating the history of the place before being interrupted by them – those very people the couple dreaded the most ~ the mediums.

“Yes, they are in this very room, I can sense them already,” one of them spoke, “they are the same couple that haunts this abandoned hospital; and they are watching us, right now!

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  1. Anonymous23:42

    I wonder how malevolent these spirits will get! :)

  2. Anonymous12:51

    That's fab and the spirits story narrated so well and makes it a superb read, Nandini:)


  3. This is fantastic, well done.

  4. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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