Its disgusting when some people become friends with you, just to further their own goals. They are like leech, who hang on to you - but only to keep hunting what benefit they can get from you.
There's this person I had made friends with last year. I got talking with her, as she lived in my area. She writes whole lot of crap, so I was least interested in her blog. At times I went, yawned and ran as soon as I could. However, I did talk to her because I talk to people not seeing their position or success. I felt, she was simple person. But holy mother of God! I've never seen such scheming little greedy opportunistic b***ch in my whole life.

First of all, she used to bitch about almost every known blogger esp the one who'd cry/whine for prizes after every contest ( won't name, you'll understand who I mean if you're smart enough ;-). So, any meet we happened to come by this blogger, this so-called friend would make faces or bitch about this person. And not just that, she bitched about others too - esp one who posted her pics on instagram or another who used to post DIY in her blogs. This little b** used to make fun of them. But cleverly, she'd be nice to those same people in the face, extending friendship request to all in FB or following.

As for me, if I dislike someone I just keep a distance or don't talk at all. I don't show a good face in front of them and bitch behind their back, like a hypocrite. So after so much bitching, this same girl is now friends with the one she used to bitch the most - perhaps because the other whines and gets access to many events/opportunities etc. Isn't that pathetic? I have nothing against friendship, but why bitched about them then, if in the end your motive was to hang with them? This is called being sick opportunistic people.

And a person so double faced like her, I'm sure she must be bitching about me with these same people who she used to bitch about earlier. I dislike such people with my whole heart. To hell with such opportunistic people.

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