Micromax canvas tab

Well, this challenge was thrown in the latest Happy Hour, to write a super-fast post with the submission time given as only 3 hours. I looked cluelessly at my lappy monitor; because, to assemble all my thoughts and write a good enough post takes me atleast a few days if not few hours. So, how would I come up with something so fast? Without wasting my time, I decided to take up the challenge and headed straight to the Micromax Canvas Tab website, to help me with some clues ~ Will it help me discover a newer me, as in writing a super-fast blogpost? The contest seemed to be organized keeping in tandem with the concept of the Canvas Tab’s much acclaimed 'lightning speed' advantage. Yes, so I think I understood why we were given the challenge to write our blogposts at lightning speed as well. Well, I’m all ready for it. Bring it on, I say.

Anyone can guess my biggest passion is blogging. So, how do I re-discover or rather re-invent this passion of mine? With the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 of course!


  • For starters, I’d need a wide/broad screen on my tab that would help me write, read, proof-read my posts without much difficulty. The Micromax Canvas Tab boasts of exactly that – i.e grand viewing with its 20.32cm (8) WXGA IPS screen. It has Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator for Superior Graphics with 800x1280 pixels resolution and 16M Colour Depth. Need I say more, that working on my posts with such great display capabilities will be simply super, relaxing and oh! so stress-free! A newer enhanced display layout will definitely help me discover a newer me, who'll start working on Tabs too, which so far I've been avoiding. A newer me who dares to try new stuff!

  • I work on the go and is always on a constant look out for that super designed machine which will not slip or fall; is not tedious to work upon and is easy to carry/operate. Well, the design of the Canvas Tab P666 that comes in amazing colours of Black and White, is a sleekly chiseled to perfection one. It’d be great to flaunt it as well as work on it. It'll help me discover a new stylish tech-savvy me.

  • A good lasting battery will indeed help me in keeping up with my passion i.e blogging. I hate it when my devices run out of power and I have to constantly keep charging them. I always wonder frustratedly, why manufacturers make those sophisticated devices but equip them with such weak batteries. Anyways, here the Canvas Tab will come to my rescue and I’ll be able to work and play without any worries. It comes equipped with a 4400mAh battery, with 325 hours* stand by time/6 hours* browsing time/7 hours* video playback. Ah, need I say more what an amazing partner it’ll prove to be, of mine. It'll help me discover a more consistent me.

  • I believe all work and no play makes ND a dull gal. So, while pursuing my passion I’ll expand my boundaries as well and enjoy the Android KitKat OS that comes along with the Tab. And Android never disappoints does it ~ with all its amazing features and tonnes of useful pre-loaded Apps, it'll help me discover a newer inquisitive and playful me.

  • I like filling up my blogposts with pictures. But frankly, I’m fed up of using google-searched images. Its time to go clicking and proudly displaying my own. Nothing like it! I love those devices that have both the rear and front cameras – so much convenient they are. I can click lots of selfies too, while doing some serious photography. The Canvas Tab provides both and with full HD video enhanced feature too. My posts will look super cool, and yes, besides being a blogger ~ I’ll discover the new photographer in me. Ain’t it simply awesome ;-)

  • The best thing I noticed about the Micromax Canvas Tab is its storage. All my media and entertainment packed on my Tab. Ah, life can’t get better than that with its 8GB ROM expandable up to 32GB, can it? It'll help me discover a more dependable me.

  • I love tabs that has voice feature. While blogging, I can chat up with my mother who lives in another city or with my friends too. So, I don’t have to leave my work in between. With 3G speed, my blog-posts or pictures won’t take ages to upload. With Wi-Fi Connectivity, I’m assured of connection while on the move and can edit, make changes in my drafts or maybe start a whole new post if an idea strikes me in middle of the road – it happens all too often, and for lack of a good device I have to let go of such spontaneous ideas. But Micromax Canvas Tab will help me hold on to those ideas and work on them too. I can live-blog, live-tweet ah…the advantages are too many. With Bluetooth and GPS, it only gets better. It'll help me discover a newer multi-tasking me.

    With all these features in my new Micromax Canvas Tab P666 certified by Google, my whole blogging world will change for the better ~ i.e discover a newer me! Lastly, I did succeed in writing this lightning-fast post in record time (1 hr) too, didn't I? ;-)


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    Micromax canvas tab

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    Micromax canvas tab
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