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He came in her dreams, every night,
Although he was happily married;
she didn't seem to mind.
When with his wife, he got into a fight,
Squealing in delight,
she felt her hopes bright.
Then the news of his divorce, started making rounds,
She yelped, because,
her joy knew no bounds.

One day, the phone rang; he was on the other end,
Couldn't believe her luck,
she dreamt of a happy end.
He called her to visit him, as he was too lonely,
Jumping in joy,
she caught the next flight early.
To be united with him, was her cherished dream,
That it turned to reality,
from top of the world, she wanted to scream.

She planned the various things, they'd do together,
Once they meet,
they'd be united forever.
Humming to herself, eagerly, she waited for her plane to land,
Nervous, shy, yet excited,
in her tummy, butterflies too ran.
When indeed her plane landed, she looked around the tarmac,
never realizing who the approaching man was
looking so haggard.

He tried to catch her attention, but she looked away,
So unclean, ugly, unshaven,
it couldn't be him, no way.
My dear its me, he said, don't you recognize me?
Every night in your dreams,
who'd visit thee.
The person who came in her dreams, was a handsome clean-shaven dude,
She wanted to shoo away this unclean stranger,
now, almost being rude.

Disgust creeping in her body, reluctantly she looked his way,
Her dreams seemed to be collapsing,
replaced by nightmare.
Escape, she must, she thought urgently,
She couldn't be spending her life with this man; unshaven,
unclean, that made him ugly.
Fishing for an excuse, she then made a plan rapid,
I came all this way, she said, to say,
you should go back to your wife, stupid!

As he watched her make a hasty retreat, his eyes filled with tears,
Unshaven, was the reason, his wife left him,
to suffer, rest of his years.

Theme - An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man's chance to make a good impression.
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  1. Very nice poem. Full of passion and emotion. Good one.Like the style of the writer.


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