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Stone Age :-

“Where are you going Mr.StoneMan? I’ve prepared dinner for you and then you have to gather fire-wood too after that, remember?” Mrs.StoneWoman said, glancing at her husband, while poking at the fire that was cooking the freshly hunted pig, tied and hung over the flames, with a stick. Ah, the fire itself was hard to start; her hands ached everyday rubbing those stones together to get that perfect flame and she expected a hand-massage from her husband afterwards. It was tough living in the Stone Age, but the massage she got afterwards, with some herbs her husband hunted and brought from the forests was worth all the pain. After all, it increased the love and intimacy between Mr & Mrs.StoneMan.
Noticing that Mr.StoneMan hadn’t replied her yet, she asked him again, her temper rising a bit, “Will you take the trouble of replying, Mr.StoneMan? I see you are getting ready for something since morning. You’ve worn the fresh-leaves garment too around your waist and been brushing your beard with your fingers all this while, what's up?”

Well, it was true, since morning that day Mr.StoneMan was acting strangely. He was dressed up in new leaves which happened only during special occasions, and was also looking frequently at the pond waters nearby, admiring himself, stroking his long beard. Something was definitely cooking – and it was not just the pig. Was he cheating on her? Mrs.StoneMan was getting suspicious. “Well….?” She prompted irritatedly.

“Nothing honey, I’m just out to gather the woods, that’s all.” Mr.StoneMan replied distractedly. Her suspicions were getting confirmed because Mr.StoneMan never wore new leaves during wood-picking time at all. Fuming within, she poked at the fire continuously, wondering what to do to bring her husband back to fold. Should she go and get some spells from the friendly neighbourhood witch?

Mr.StoneMan had a secret alright, and it wasn’t really another woman. He had actually stumbled across a fascinating 'time-device' one day, that would take him to the future i.e Modern Age. And as excited as he was, he had been planning for a long time now to hop over to Modern Age. Today, he had decided to take the big-leap finally and move into the future. He was getting ready for that grand moment. He felt bad at leaving his wife behind, but such an opportunity donot come by always now, do they? To get something, you have to loose something. He also felt that he was the chosen one, that’s why he had got the device and not others – so he had to take the leap; it was his duty. Admiring his beard once again for the umpteenth time really, he decided to leap atlast.

Modern Age :–

Oh! My God, Where had he landed? This place was simply awesome. He simply couldn’t believe, this was the same world as his in a flash-forward mode. People were dressed in their finery and vrooming about in their flashy cars. Of course, he didn’t know what these were, but he was just awestruck. There were plenty of shops with tonnes of things displayed in them, something he had never seen in his entire life. Theirs was a hunting life, everything revolved around the forest. Mr.StoneMan watched, his mouth wide-open, as people ate food in the open restaurants, using forks and spoons. In Stone Age, holding the half-roasted meat in their hands, they used to rip apart the flesh with their teeth. OMG! All this was so different; so simply amazing! He happily went about ogling at people and shops, going nearer and nearer them.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEW!! Who's this?” One fashionable girl of Modern Age jumped from her chair and shrieked as soon as Mr.StoneMan went near her, in an open ice-cream parlour. “Its some lunatic on the loose. See his dirty beard. And what crazy stuff he has worn, leaves??? Eeeks!!!” she screamed a little more, raising hell. And within a few moments the crowd gathered. They were all convinced Mr.StoneMan was a mad man and was trying to molest the girl. Mr.StoneMan, of course didn’t realize what the commotion was, although it seemed it was all connected to him; for everyone was looking at him strangely – almost accusingly and furious. For them, in this Modern Age world, his appearance with long beard and leaves was too weird and scary!

“Trying to harass a girl are you, you filthy creep,” someone threw a stone at him, and then, all of a sudden everyone was shouting and pelting stones at him. “Don’t let him go,” someone yelled, “send him to the lunatic-asylum instead.” They soon started chasing him. Realizing the danger, finally, Mr.StoneMan started running for his dear life. Stones were hurled after him; a few, barely missing him by an inch. He ran as fast as he could. This Modern Age was simply not for him. He wanted to get back home. He ran and ran, as far as he could from the crowd. The device! The T-i-m-e D-e-v-i-c-e!!!!! he remembered, and pressed it hard trying to escape this horrible nightmare, hoping, it’ll take him back to his beloved Stone Age again. Ah, his wife, he missed her terribly. What a mistake he had done, by trying to abandon her. Modern Age didn’t respect his beard too, which was the pride of Stone Age. None of the men in that crowd of Modern Age, sported a beard at all, he had noticed. He should be better prepared the next time when he came to Modern Age, he thought; maybe get rid of his beard too. Well, he had learnt enough. For now, he simply wanted to be back in his Stone Age asap.


“Your dinner is ready,” the food, laid on a huge banana leaf was thrust at him, by his wife. “Will you now tell me, what happened; where have you been?”
"A nightmare, Mrs.StoneWoman, a nightmare it was! Where my beard almost brought my death," he stopped abruptly. He couldn't say any more. Famished after all that running, he just wanted to relax in his wife’s arms, forget the nightmare and maybe snuggle up to her for their intimate nightly ritual."

“You have to go and pick the fire-wood, remember?” With that stern reminder, his wife drove all the romantic thoughts brewing, away. Sigh…he nodded, giving up.

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  1. Nice post dear, it's true that in today's world we rather prefer a clean shaven face... :)

  2. Except for John Abraham and Junior Bachchan , men look better off without the stubble .

    1. oh yes...!!! thanks @Preeti :-)

  3. Trying to imagine the stone man running for his life... :-D well penned... :-)

  4. Anonymous06:54

    It's funny to imagine 'Mr StoneMan' roaming on the modern streets and causing nuisance :D and finally running for his life. It's a very nice read! I even read some lines twice :)

    1. thanks dear...I'm glad you liked it :-)


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