They looked at each other, hands held together as always, as they walked the length of the beach their usual evening walk. They could see other families out with their kids; playing about, stomping and challenging the sea waves that touched upon their feet on the beach, collecting sea-shells etc. The sea was shallow in these parts, so the fun doubled. The parents too had their trouser/churidaar ends pulled up to their knees, so as not to get them wet while splashing the sea-waters, and joined in all the fun the beach provided making them re-live their own younger days.

“Don’t worry; the paper work is almost done. We can bring her this Saturday. Earlier today, I had a call with the Sanstha Matron. She has okayed everything.” Maansi felt her husband’s arm wrap warmly around her shoulders as he spoke the comforting words. Oh, how long she had waited for this day! Infact, they both had. She felt a glimmer of hope slowly creeping into confines of her heart again ~ a hope, she had long given up on! In almost 20 years of their marriage, the lack of a child was the most hardest fact for her to accept. Infertile, the word jarred in her mind; accusing her of being incomplete every single day, every living moment. She felt helpless before that word. Try, they both did; every way possible ( including the latest scientific techniques ) and in the end as years passed by, that glaring fact was hard to brush aside and ignore. At 45 now, she had no more false hope clinging on to her of becoming a mother; she dreamt of so much wanted so much.

Their house was empty. It screamed for someone young’s laughter and chatter – a child’s. Their long vacations too screamed for a vivacious and animated company of a child’s. Their lives screamed for a child to fill it up with happiness. Dishi, Maansi remembered, a smile instantly curving in her lips. It was Vinod’s ( her husband ) suggestion to go for an adoption, when everything else had failed. Maansi regretted, that it had taken them so long to make this decision. Maybe, they should’ve adopted long ago – all these years would have been such happy ones with a child around – even though an adopted one.

“Dishi will be home by Saturday. We’ll go on that long pending Disneyland vacation this time and we’ll take her too.” Vinod said again. The re-assurance comforted Maansi so much. Vinod and Maansi being travel enthusiasts, travelled a lot, but in all those travels they had only one another for company. They were members of premium holiday clubs like Club Mahindra, that offered a plethora of activities for children too in their holiday packages, around the world. As such, the couple always missed the presence of a child, unlike many of their colleagues who had children. Children always brought about a different perspective to holidays. Their curiosity and enthusiasm can totally change an otherwise monotonous trip. And though, Maansi and Vinod travelled so much, there was nothing new about their holidays, no matter which corner of the world they went. They had done it all, explored everything ~ had even done the adventurous stuff to their fullest. But the thrill of being with children was always missing in all those holidays. There was always a vacuum in their lives. Dishi, would bring in that vital ingredient missing in their lives and also in their travels.

Maansi’s mood was pepped up at the thought of coming Saturday. Dishi, their adopted daughter, with all the formalities cleared, would finally come home from the orphanage. They had spent time together in the orphanage already, several times, and the little four year old instantly took to their liking. It was mutual. The last time, they visited her, Dishi clutched on to Maansi’s saree, not wanting to let her go. She had already started calling her ‘mummy’ too – the only word Maansi yearned, with all her heart to hear a child call her as ~ a mother. Not her own so what, every single baby in this world was special – a God’s gift precious. And with their sound background and financial capacity, they could give Dishi a good and secure life. Last time, Vinod had taken pictures of Disneyland along too and showed them to Dishi. The excitement in Dishi’s eyes was something to be seen. Maansi remembered how Dishi wanted to go to Disneyland that moment itself, and ride those merry-go-rounds and hug Mickey Mouse!

Ah…all that would soon be a reality. As the sun slowly set in the horizon, Maansi slipped her hand around her husband’s waist and looked at the families enjoying together in the beach with their children. Everyone were either yelping about in joy, playing in the waves; eating those fluffy sugar-candies; blowing soap-bubbles in the air; riding camel-backs or thronging the food courts. Yes! Maansi thought, Dishi will join in all their future beach strolls as well and their family would be as complete and have as much fun as the others around her were having. She could barely wait for that day. With a happy and eager thought of the coming Saturday, both husband and wife finally headed home. Their outings and holidays wouldn't be the same anymore! Dishi would perhaps even write her own Teddy Travelogues too, someday soon!


( Images - IB/Club Mahindra )
Everyone loves to go on vacations; sometimes with our friends, sometimes with colleagues and sometimes with our own family. The vacations we take our children on are different in a very special way - Kids see vacations very differently from adults! Their expectations, their curiosity, and the way they see things creates a unique experience on every vacation.
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