One day she participated in an online 100-words prompt @Rochelle’s. Never had she imagined, the fiction she wrote would turn real and devastate her life.
It all happened when one day a weird looking car rammed into her precious sports-sedan. She ignored it at first. But strangely, she spotted the car in front of her house again and realized something was wrong.
She ran; it chased until she hid in an abandoned shack near the steep cliff. From the gossamer stuck in the broken window, she peeped out. It soon bulldozed at her, making the shack plummet the dizzying heights.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Jean L. Hays )
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Copyright 2014 © Nandini Deka

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  1. I have never said it before but maybe in this case words were a bad thing!

  2. An episode that can be developed further into an exciting short story. Wonderful take Nandini!


  3. Now there is a truly terrifying story! Considering all the horrifying things I've written for Friday Fictioneers, I would hate for any of them to come to life. Great story, Nandini. :)

  4. I certainly hope these stories don't follow us... I'm screwed, if they do. ;-) Nice job.

  5. My fiction turning real would be my worst nightmare. Love this story!

  6. Like your story - clever! Nan :)

  7. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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