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“The Winter is coming…,”Martin replied to John’s query, when the latter saw him hunched in his knees, collecting fallen-Autumn twigs from the ground, and asked what he was doing.

“Martha will need it;” can’t fail her this time, he thought to himself, as he continued to carry arm-loads of them, filling his truck to its brim.

Every autumn, since last decade, it had become his routine; piling up his front-yard with tree branches and twigs. He loved his darling wife, and couldn’t afford to see her freeze to death.

John shook his head sadly; Martin’s wife had died a decade back due to the cold.

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  1. Anonymous11:35

    What a fabulous piece of flash fiction! Did you take like 10 secs to pen it down? Hats off N :)

  2. Tons said in few sentences.. Very touching, Nandini!

  3. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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