The waters looked calm, compared to the chaos that erupted in Meera’s mind. It’d be so much easier to leave all the pain behind and just plunge headlong into its infinite depths, she thought to herself, saddened by the hopelessness of her life, where nobody even cared about her existence.

She got up from the bench, intending to put her thoughts into action. Suddenly, she saw a man in front of her trying to commit suicide in the waters.

“STOP!! What are you doing?” Meera yelled, “Don’t you value your life?”
And then it dawned upon her, her own foolish thoughts.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – The Reclining Gentleman )
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  1. Dear Nandini,

    Pot and kettle, eh? Sometimes we just need something to live for. In this case, her reason was to help others see what she could not. Well done.



  2. Good ending.. it takes a fool to see a fool I guess.. maybe they could even find a future together...

  3. I'm glad she was able to take another look at her life while helping someone else.


  4. Well done! Hopefully there will always be someone to remind us that things could be worse.

  5. What contrary people we are! Your story shows this aspect of human nature very well, Nandini. Great story.

  6. I liked this, hopeless, depressed, but shaken into thought/reflection by someone else suffering similarly.


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