She let out a blood-curdling scream again, as she saw the mysterious small shadow dart to one side at the end of the corridor. Her scream echoed in that abandoned haunted-hospital building; now plunged in darkness.

The wild creepers that had grown into the building, with nature claiming back the old structure, gave a more creepier effect. Strange insects bit into her legs with blood oozing out, making her cripple from one room to another.

And then she saw it again, the small shadow-person!
To her horror, this time it didn’t just lurk in the shadows, but floated straight at her.

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  1. Ooh the tensions oozes out of the wall of this one...mind you would still be tempted to explore that shady corridor...

  2. creepy love your story

  3. The spooky one story...

  4. That familiar eerie feeling when it comes to abandoned buildings. Wonderful lines Nandini!


  5. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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