Often the subject of ridicule, Sita was accused of being barren infertile. Unable to produce any children even after thirteen years of marriage, in a joint middle-class Indian family, she was at the receiving end of the endless sarcastic jibes showered to her by the extended family and even her husband. It pained her no-end, an intense emotional pain. Depression, that no one supported or stood by her, had almost led her to commit suicide. They all wanted a child as an heir, and she couldn’t give them that. It was all her fault, they made her feel.

“Who says you are barren?” Dr.Divya said one day, after a secret check-up that Sita went for, looking for a glimmer of hope. “Everything is okay with you. It’s your husband who is the infertile one! But don’t worry, many people can conceive through artificial means these days.”

Shocked at the news that she wasn’t barren after all and all the trauma, humiliation and guilt she went through all these years, Sita wondered, how her family would take this news now, especially her husband.

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  1. I am guessing the news may not be taken too well...I hope for her sake it does not end badly

  2. since they were blaming her all along with no proof I hope he doesn't harm her.


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