“This is a good place to camp the night and complete my novel; plenty of inspiration from the old-gun itself that still stands here on its wheels; this place brims of history where those battles must’ve taken place,” the historical researcher announced to the guide.

“B..But are you sure….I.err..” the guide was bit hesitant. He knew the history better after all.

“Of course, I am; you can leave now,” the adamant researcher started planting his tent.

That night as he set to sleep, gun-shots boombed around; at a far distance the guide smirked to himself ~ the battle-field was haunted.

This 100 word 5 sentence post is for FSF@Lilliemcferrin
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  1. Anonymous14:53

    Whoops! At least it was only ghosts, not current action!

  2. It feels scary this story.

  3. a! Ha! Now this is something. Loved the twist ND

  4. I bet he had a sleepless night, but gathered tons of material to write a new novel :)


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