A list of your 10 favourite books with reasons as to why they made it to your list. Let us try to complete a circle and compile a list of books we are yet to pick. #loveofreading ( This post is part of Indispire )

( left ) Video of my mini Books Library! Books that I reviewed ( right )
I'm a voracious reader, right from my school days. But let me confess here, I love more the lighter books than those thick literary ones ( yeah, those with unpronounceable words & complex phrases ). As a teenager, I had a huge collection of Mill & Boon, Silhouette Romances, Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Famous Five, Archie comics etc ( see my mini library video above ), but as I grew older other books came my way. And since I started reviewing books, I'm reading almost all genre ( though I prefer fiction more than non-fiction ). Now, with so many books to choose from, its hard to pick a few ( not that I enjoyed reading all either ). Anyway, without any further delay, here's my top 10 pick. Go ahead and buy them, if you haven't yet ;-)

1. Love Story : by Eric Segal. I think everyone ( and their khandaan ) has read this book at one point of their lives or watched the movies that were made, based on it. My sister had first brought the book, and I remember hounding her for days to let me read it. She charged me Rs.5/- bribe money for it - yeah, I was that desperate to read! At first, I didn't like the sad end, but then I guess that's the USP of the book.

2. Lady Chatterley's Lover : by D.H Lawrence. Another of those books I had to pay bribe to my sister for. For a teenager, this story had my eye-balls popping out.

3. Pride and Prejudice : by Jane Austen. What I loved about this book was the glimpses I got into an English household, with an english mum worried about her grown-up daughter's marriages. So like our own Indian society, ain't it. This book wiped off the snobbish myths I had, of the West, particularly England. Heya, they are like us too, I realized. I used to watch the hindi serial 'Trishna', made on this story, with lot of curiosity and anticipation ( so as to check ~ if they acted according to the book or not, haha ).

4. Jane Eyre : by Charlotte Bronte. I must've read this book hundreds of times. I think I had a crush on Mr.Rochester. And the suspense part of the book was something I absolutely loved those days.

5. The Devotion Of Suspect X : by Keigo Higashino. This is a more recent book I read. Absolute nail-biting thriller it is. Loved the way it took me around Japan and its culture, nitty-gritties et al. There's another book by the same author ~ Salvation of a Saint, which is as thrilling. A perfect combo to own.

6. Pigs in the Parlour : by Frank D. Hammond, Mae Ida. My curiosity in the paranormal led me to this non-fiction book. It has interesting information about the 'evil' in details, how it is very 'real' and how to cleanse it.

7. Hell's Gate : by Douglas Hensley. This book is based on a real-life narration by a man possessed of demons ( who later died ) at a world famous haunted location. Its really a mindboggling read. What makes this book interesting is, I had seen an exorcism video of that same man who had under-gone that ordeal earlier, in a TV.Show. And many people who visits that location, claim about something unusual going on ~ which leads me to believe that the man was not faking those instances when he was alive. The book has some typos etc, but since its a real-time narration, those can be over-looked.

8. The Bad Touch : by Payal Shah Karwa. This book actually had me repulsed by its contents. It gave me a crude glimpse into things we generally can't even imagine ~ yet, it happens almost everywhere. Dealing in 'child abuse' its an eye-opener and has lots of information on how to deal with it/whom to contact etc. I've put it in my list, just to spread awareness more than anything.

9. Shantaram : by Gregory D.Roberts. This is a very thick book. It took me ages to complete. It takes you places and how. No, its not a travel book ~ its more a thriller. Best part is, I got it as a prize. Getting a book as a prize for a book-lover is like WHOAH!!

10. Unhappily Married : by Me. Well, this is my very first short E-book that I wrote for Amazon Kindle. It got pretty good response, though its quite short in length ( I intend to add a sequeal to it at some point ). I tried dealing with a different subject; one that is often undergone by many but hardly spoken about. Its close to me because it is my first ( of the 10 odd ones that I wrote ).

So, that's about it. Which are the ones you've read, enjoyed and which are the ones you're planning to?


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  1. That is an interesting list. I am happy to see Lady Chatterley's Lover included: it is often shun due to hypocrisy. I have read most of Lawrence's books, Sons and Lovers and Rainbow would take precedence though. Didn't realise you have published your own book!

  2. Hi Nandini,, Long time :) Your childhood collection is similiar to mine.. I used to love collecting mills and boons .. mainly for the reason that side of the books would look so cute when kept on the window sill :P

  3. Why don't you distribute 'Unhappily Married' for free... it will be read by many and might get you the right PR through reviews.
    Just a thought.

    Arvind Passey


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