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Well, to be honest I wasn't expecting my topic to be chosen this week. Anyhow, since its been, and though it has been a very busy week for me, I feel I should write on it. From young I was intrigued by ghost stories, since most of them are true accounts narrated by my mother and also my other aunts who experienced them for real ( I'm writing one such incident below ). My mother also had a step cousin-brother who infact was very much into occultism and being the wicked one used to practice them on his cousins ( i.e my mom+her sisters who were the usual guinea-pigs of his experiments ). Incidently, now that step-cousin uncle of ours is a frail old almost-mad man - yes, his own pet-ghosts traumatized his life.

My own experiences which was accidental really also led me to believe in the paranormal phenomenon very strongly. While in college, I used to be enchanted with the subject of hypnotism and bought several books on it. Long distance hypnotism was what I wanted to learn/practice. I thought it was harmless and everyday I'd try it just for fun. I was unaware that I was opening up a different portal altogether, and quite a dangerous one at that.

So, one day I did my usual hours of concentration and then after a while fell asleep. It was hot month of May/June. One day, early morning ( dawn-break ) when I opened my eyes I saw two figures floating ~ just outside one of the ventilators of my room. The ventilators being quite above the ground and with no support there for anyone to stand like that - in mid-air, I was thus very surprised. I could clearly make out their faces till their shoulders. They had faces, though their features were not very clear. They floated there for quite a while as though peeking at me from outside. I blinked several times and they were still there, until after 5 minutes or so when they faded; leaving me with a eerie feeling.

After a few days, I had another incident. So, I did my concentration again and fell asleep. Around 3am at night, I woke up to a very chilly kinda feeling of something lying next to me on my left, in my bed literally stuck on me. On my right it was usual hot room-temperature, but on my left it was as though someone had put sheets of ice next to me. The chilly feel was disturbing as I instantly knew something was wrong. I felt a heavy presence next to me and it didn't feel good. I tried not to panic and decided to wait it out. Meanwhile, I kept thinking in my mind wishing it to go away, as I hadn't called any spirits. Then after 15 minutes or so suddenly the chilly feeling left my side. As it left, first I saw my transparent mosquito-net shake a bit mildly and then to my horror I saw my window curtains shake violently - everything happened like a pattern. ( my room lights are on @nights ). I always keep my windows closed and the fan speed normally donot shake the heavy curtains that way. It was as if someone shook it intentionally and with force. I thought if I should wake the others who were sleeping in other rooms, but decided not to disturb them. And since the chilly feeling had anyways left too, I closed my eyes and slept rest of the night. Early next morning, I remembered the incident and went to check the curtains wondering why it shook so violently.

To my surprise, I saw one of the corner windows wide open. I was shell-shocked. Never in my life I ever opened that window or even allowed anyone to. Infact, besides the bolts, I used to tie a thick rope on its handle with the window grill. To find it 'open' so mysteriously, and also remembering the chilly presence earlier in the night and the shaking of the curtains so violently made me realize that something did visit me that night. I still get the goosebumps thinking about it, cos' the next incidents that happened were more terrifying which made me stop pursuing those hypnotism books forever. ( I will write about it some other time )

I've tried to reason out this particular incident in various ways. Some people may say it was the wind blowing, but from where? would be my question. If its the window, then who opened it? ( inspite of being tied so tight ). There's a cobbler's cemetery behind our house, that's why my family never opens any of the windows that side. And the icy cold feeling is quite a strange thing to feel too esp in the month of May/June - when everyone knows how hot it can be in a land-locked place like Guwahati. Also the windows were on the foot-side of my bed, and the cold feeling was on left side of my body, not my feet. Besides, I didn't have any AC in my room, only an old fan which hardly blew any air leave alone icy cold one like that which was rather static. Even if we think for once that it was indeed my fan, it'd have distributed it to my right side too, as the fan was right above my bed, and not just on one side! And why only for 15 minutes, right? - considering the fan was kept switched on throughout the night and everyday too!
And most important is the sense of dread I felt in those 15 minutes, of sensing some actual presence lying on my bed. It is simply undescribable. Too add to that, the incidents of two faces I had seen earlier and the more frightening incidents that happened later, re-confirms my belief no matter what anyone says/thinks.

Sharing another incident which happened to my mother and her family. Entire locality of theirs knew about this incident that happened during that time. ( I've kept the exact location names in abbreviations as now it is a widely populated area, unlike those early days, and don't want to cause any fear )


My grandfather was a High Court advocate, who represented the British in their various cases. As a token of appreciation the British awarded him land grants. One such reward was a huge plot of land in the outskirts of Guwahati, a place called "K" which was scantily inhabited in those days. My mother and the whole family was residing in central part of the city "C" uptil now, the land belonging to my great-grandmother who was 2nd wife of a rich land lord/zamindar. The extended family lived in a huge adjacent plot. My grandfather built a house in the British gifted land, and soon after my grandmother had passed away after birth of the 10th child, the whole family [ i.e 8sisters, 2brothers ] moved there, as there was lots of space to do farming etc which my grandfather loved, also he wanted to overcome the grief from my grandmother's untimely demise.

In that plot, was a massive old banyan tree by the corner of a huge pond filled with fishes. It was a place where the naga tribes used to worship and make sacrifices to their Gods and Spirits. My grandfather got the tree chopped as he did not want the place to be used for such rituals and the land belonged to him now, so he cleared the area. However, within 2-3 days of doing that, they started hearing strange noises on their roof top of someone jumping, walking or thumping. Sometimes they'd hear lots of noises at once, as though someone was banging the roof at different corners all at the same time. At first the family dismissed those noises thinking to be monkeys. However, there was no monkey at sight and as they were told no monkey was ever reported to be spotted in that area.

As days passed the noises grew more louder, heavier and rapid which scared the children. They were advised not to go out and always stay in groups. A local neighbour advised my grandfather to get the placed cleansed as there were lots of sacrifices done previously at the tree which was now chopped, which may have angered the spirits and trigged the daily terror they were going through.

Fearing the well being of the children, my grandfather then one day got in touch with an Oujha, who knew how to communicate with these 'beings'. He had a helper Jinn with him, which is also known as a 'Bira' who always accompanied him.

On the day he came ( evening time ), all the children were asked to lock themselves up in the nearby room and no matter what - not to come out, and were also told not to make any noise. However, they could hear what was going on in the next room. The man had asked my grandfather to keep some live pigeons/hens ( for offerings to his helper 'bira' ) in the corner of a pitch dark room where he and my grandfather sat.

They sat in deep silence as the man started to meditate. After some time there was a 'thud' on the main door. The man called out, who was it. Then in a strange, gruffy hoarse sound someone replied in a strange language which no one could understand except the Oujha. There were 2 more rapid thuds, then the man announced that if it was his helper, he should reduce size and come from underneath the door ( apparently some jinns/biras can change their sizes and appearances ). After 1-2 minutes, the Oujha announced that the 'bira' had entered the room. He told the 'bira' that there were some offerings in the corner of the room made by the man whom they had come to help.

Within seconds they could hear the sound of mad fluttering of feathers, followed by loud sipping sounds as though the blood was being sucked out of those birds. The 'bira' drank only the blood, but left the flesh. Soon everything was silent and the 'bira' went near the two men where they sat. The Oujha then instructed the 'bira' to go around the plot to inspect and check who else was living in that plot. The main door never opened as the 'bira' again reduced his size as he went out.

After few minutes, he came back to report to his master in the strange language which the Oujha translated: that there were 2 jinns/biras who were living there for ages, and that they were enraged because their nest i.e the banyan tree was destroyed. One was weak whom he managed to chase to a distant location and tied in a different tree, but the other one was much bigger and stronger, who was resisting and refusing to leave. The Oujha then ordered the helper that the task must be completed that night itself. The 'bira' seemed bit hesitant ‘cos the other bira was quite big, however he went out again saying he'll try.

There was silence for some time, and then came heavy sounds of someone running closely followed by chasing sounds. The sound then went up to the roofs as if they had gone up, then again on the ground and around the house. Lots of noises followed as if they were quarrelling and were in a physical fight meaning - the helper 'bira' could manage to catch the bigger bira who was fiercely resisting. Then the bigger bira managed to slip and the chase began again. Someone could be heard panting heavily as if tired from that entire chase. The children were all huddled together in the dark room, not allowed to look outside the window as well, as it was too dangerous if any of the biras were to notice them. So they just listened silently to what was going on outside. The sound was such huge that the entire, rather big house was shaken in its vibrations. My mother's then little brother wanted to go to the loo, but since they could not go out of that room, one of the sisters made him relieve himself inside the room itself.

The terror of those chases lasted more than 3 hours, then the final chase happened with the sound shaking the whole area till the end of the plot and beyond as the helper chased the resident bira out of that entire locality. That day the neighbours were aware of the exorcism going on in that particular plot so nobody came out of their homes, even when they heard those running/chasing sounds in that whole area for hours. Later on, people from far away also reported that they had heard those sounds going quite far out of that locality.

Almost after the 4th hour, the familiar thud noise on the main door, before the helper 'bira' entered the room. He was exhausted as he said that the other bira was very strong, but he managed to chase him out of the area to a very distant place, where he had managed to tie him, and though it'd be difficult he could not guarantee that the other bira would not return. He felt extremely weak and exhausted too, so the Oujha took immediate leave, with the Oujha advising my grandfather that it'd be better to leave that place, because his helper may not be able to help them again in case the other bira returned and became more dangerous. All the time my grandfather was silent with only the bira and his master talking and with the latter translating the same to my grandfather.

After this incident the family moved back to their city home, and that plot was mainly used for farming. At times only my grandfather would go to look after the property.

>>> It was much later, after many years ( after my mother's marriage), that my grandfather gifted a small part of the plot to my mother where my father built a smaller house. In the bigger house my younger uncle lived from time to time, as he had started a trucks business, and he used to park his trucks in the garage that he built on that plot. Incidents happened in the new house too. And years later too, recently, this same uncle had some weird experiences before dying mysteriously, at quite young age in his early 50's.

Ghost incidents are reported from almost all corners of the world, as such, when something is experienced by so many there has to be some truth in it. Only those who experience it knows for fact what they are. People usually think ghosts are only souls of dead body, while infact there are different types of ghosts. Demons have various species and they are not human souls. They can infact be very dangerous. Being fearless is one sure way to keep away from the evils and also staying away from ouja boards etc that provokes and invites these entities. Souls of humans are harmless. Many times they are just residual energies and keep playing the incidents that happened right before their death like a record. Many times they've either not realized that they are dead or sometimes for fear of what happens next they just refuse to move on. Happy 'Advanced' Halloween to all :D


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