Autumn in Madeira by Jacek Yerka

Nestled in the cluster
of those grand old trees,
Was settled, our little community,
Huddled together in our little huts,
Safe and secure from any calamity.
The bond we shared with the trees,
Was in this world, a rarity,
We had sworn to co-exist,
Until eternity…

Then one day a traitor,
this autumn, from our midst,
Grabbed stealthily our land deed,
And sold it off wickedly to a,
Real-estate mercenary.
With saws and axes the very next day,
Arrived they, the greedy army,
At peril was then, our community’s
Age-old treasured unity...

Seeing our resolve
not to give up,
The army then had a change of heart,
Trashed the traitor instead, for deceiving
Such a warm & lovely community.
Realizing the folly he had made,
Repented, he also did,
In this world where nobody cares,
Belonging to such community close-knit,
Was a blessing rare
and dignity cherished...

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  1. Waah Waah!


  2. what a nice take! lovely!

  3. A blessing indeed!

  4. I rather enjoy the arrival of autumn...enjoyed your take...

  5. thanks a lot @everyone :-)


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