I wait everyday in anticipation,
Sometimes drowned in my own perspiration,
When will she make an appearance,
When will she grace my indivine-post with her presence?
Don't get me wrong, I don't expect her to visit my blog,
She is busy, just her vote is enough,
Its only when she herself has a post ready
she goes on a random voting spree,
So its not me, its her who needs,
the visitors; she's the one needy...
I laugh, not cos' her blog expects me to laugh,
so called humourist, satirist expert,
All those awards tagged, achievement, infinite comments,
Yet, she needs so desperately to do blind-vote rampant.
I'm not grumbling cos' I never see her on my blog,
She does favour enough, by bumping it with a vote.


Oh well....unlike the generous one,
this one is strictly give and take,
Only if you vote back, she'll too,
else, you might just take a hike...
I found her voting/commenting,
on almost every post of mine,
But, since I never reciprocated,
she vanished without a sign.
I see her doing the same
almost everywhere,
Species like her ample
in blogosphere, not rare.

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