Well after one of my earlier posts, I never thought I'd be touching the subject again ( though that subject was on a bit different issue really ). Infact, when the cleavage controversy happened and the whole world and its khandaan were writing about it, I had chosen to ignore the issue altogether. Recently, I was attending the #SMWMumbai Event, and I couldn't help but notice that in almost every session I attended, this issue was raised ( mostly tongue-in-cheek manner ). Still, I was least bothered, until in one session I got to know that even 'The Hindu' newspaper wrote a rather preachy-preachy Open letter to the TOI - and that's when I was like WHOAH!!! Everyone is like BEHTI GANGA MEI HAATH DHONA YA DUBKI MARNA or whatever that phrase it. Everyone wants to take their pound of meat a.k.a publicity out of it ( including the main two parties of the controversies ).

To be honest, knowing how the industry works I have sympathy neither for Deepika nor for TOI ( that got a massive thrashing later by public ). Of course women should not be regarded as just a commodity, but since the picture/video was in a public event I don't see why such a hue and cry was made by Deepika. If you're a celebrity such things are bound to happen. And don't give the crap about real vs reel etc, esp when one goes semi-naked in films/magazines etc with only and only ONE intention i.e earn the moolah/fame, nothing else. When you project yourself as a commodity in those films/advertisement etc, why cry foul ~ as TOI rightly said, almost 1 year after the video was made, near the time of a movie release. Perhaps TOI itself shouldn't have flashed that catchy 'headline' near the film release too, thus letting someone grab the opportunity to hog the limelight ;-)

Regarding all the hashtags and outrage by people on twitter and other social media ( celebs as well as aam-junta), it reminds me of a topic that I read recently ~ about 'those who do candle marches, hardly ever stops to save the victim in the first place'. These arm-chair smart-phone experts are just the online key-board warriors, who perhaps are the first ones to google those 'OMG! Deepika Padukone shows Cleavage' pictures as soon as the news broke and gossip about it, and of course share/like etc. Hash-tagging is the new trend - I wonder how genuine those outrages really are. One day they'll make a #IStandbyThis hashtag, next day #IStandbyThat and so on. They are on a 'constant-outraged-mode' only on twitter mind you, else they are hardly bothered. They are hashtagging becos' everyone else is doing it; its the coolest thing to do on net these days. ;-) ( I may get thrashed by them too for my rather contrasting opinion - truth bites, doesn't it? hoo haa haa ). And the celebs showing outrage is similar to the Hindu's publicity gimick of Open letter, nothing else! Comment on something controversial and be sure to have your name flashed in print ( see image above ).

Regarding such incidents encouraging eve-teasing etc, if that's true then ~ dear Deepika and Co why act in such films or pose in magazines that shows women as a commodity too? Double standards, eh? If you flaunt those assets of yours in public, you can't really stop anyone from staring or commenting on them. Also lastly, dear TOI ~ I had once attended a blogger meet by TOI wherein issues of women was raised in great length. The editors and panelists in that meet from TOI, were all women. Of course, I don't know who does the Page3 stuff, but flashing such 'cheap' headlines does indeed makes one wonder, if those women staff of TOI are as comfortable with such news. It does makes one wonder why pick grave-issues showing concern for women, if the thinking is so cheap in the first place. So, TOI yes! I agree with you that Deepika may be a hypocrite, but what about you guys? Aren't you hypocrites too ~ double ones at that? So, according to me both parties are equally guilty ~ and hence, I go back to my neutral state after having my say.

Do let me know what you all think :-)
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