Tiffany sat alone in one corner while the others played. Nobody spoke to her at school. She was ugly and looked dirty; hence, she kept to herself and her books.

She took out the little box she always carried, and looked inside. It held her little secret, she smiled to herself.
“Hey, what’s that you holding Tiff?” Only Mary, the janitor, who walked past spoke to her sometimes. “Lollipop? Gee that looks dirty.” Mary gave her a disapproving look.

Tiffany chuckled secretly. That wasn’t a mere lollipop, but one that grew at nights and was her special witch’s magical stick.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Kent Bonham )
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  1. Anonymous18:35

    Cleverly done!

  2. Sometimes I wish I had a magical stick. Well done.

  3. Nandini, nice job of creating both a mood and a piece of fantasy. I really felt for Tiffany, but enjoyed the magical twist!

    (had a hard time posting a comment. The box kept disappearing!)

  4. Anonymous02:47

    Dear Nandini, Your story is great! I love the witch part but I feel so sorry for Tiffany sitting by herself. She needs some help - hence the witches magical stick! Great! Nan :)

  5. Dear Nandini, I was hoping someone would go with a wand, as you so artfully did. Thanks.

  6. thanks lot @everyone :-)


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