First, lets not get into a debate of existence of God blah blah~ if you know what I mean :p ( saying this, cos' I myself tend to be bit agnostic at times ) :o

So, a few weeks ago, I was admiring the fact that I had no worries in my life ~ esp in health matters. As its been quite a few years, since I really fell ill ( last was in May'2005-jaundice/Mar'2009-chicken pox or was it measles?/April'2010-skin issue due to summer heat :o ). So, I was raving in my thoughts that I've overcome all my weaknesses finally. And I was immune! I admired my legs thinking how lucky I was, compared to many who had polio or some other incapacity. Well, with all that pride, that I had nothing to worry about ~ I was revelling in my own world.

Just a week back ( on 4th or 5th Aug ), my happy world was about to get badly shaken. As usual, I was sitting in my low-stool working on my lappy, which was placed in the edge of my bed. That's my favourite position to work ~ write, that is. After a while, I glanced at my leg and to my surprise I saw a red patch - 'rash' kinda. Weird, I thought, because I had not felt anything ( any insect bite or itching ). It was simply there, staring blankly at me. I ignored it at first and continued working. After few minutes, I glanced at it again - it had gotten bit bigger in size. But there was still no sensation. I touched it softly, and only then it felt bit itchy. But it was not that desperate need to itch - that we usually feel during mosquito bites. I removed my finger and the itch vanished. I started looking at it every few minutes; it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Finally, after two hours or so, I got up to fetch some water. That's when I felt it - the pain! A sharp stinging kinda, and I yelped as I crippled into the kitchen. Every step I took, I felt the sting. And the pain was really bad - considering, while walking that particular calf-muscle gets stretched. I came back and sat in front on my lappy again. Once again, I didn't feel anything; though the size had become double that of what it was the first time I saw it. While sitting, I didn't feel any pain. It was as if nothing was wrong.

I didn't know what caused it, but I was sure it wasn't any mosquito. To be on a safer side I, then, later in the night tied a dettol-dipped cotton ball over it. I thought, it'll kill the infection - if there was any ( from whatever bite caused it ). However, I was advised by someone on net, not to use dettol over insect-type bites ( as it may cause gangrenes ). Instead, I was given names of some medicines. I ignored the advice ( as I didn't know if it was insect bite at all ); I didn't want to take any risk; also because, I hated going to doctors or taking oral medicines/
injections. So, that night with a dettol wrapped leg, I slept.

Next morning, I couldn't lift my leg. The wound had become larger ( horizontal area ~ the size of a tennis ball ) and the pain was simply excruciating getting unbearable by the minute. I limped my way around the house whole day, worried out of my mind what caused it. Did the dettol do any harm after all, like that fellow had warned earlier. I panicked. If I was seated, it relieved a bit; but if I stood or walked - it was as though I was in real hell. I got scared, if my leg might need to be amputated. I tried to be as calm as I could, though thousands of worries were bomb-barding my mind. The next few days were simple horrible - I just couldn't walk, because of the pain. I had urgent stuff to do outside, but going out of home was simply unthinkable. Another person from internet, advised me to go to a doctor immediately as matters could aggravate. I didn't use the dettol anymore, and out of sheer fright didn't go to the doctor too. I was constantly checking if I had signs of fever etc - as that could mean something worse to come.

In the meanwhile, by 4th/5th day of suffering ( in this horrible situation ), my vegetables/groceries were running short too; but I couldn't go out to buy them. I remembered, how proud I was feeling, just a few weeks ago; and here I was totally in opposite condition. Stuck and immobile ~ I was at the mercy of home-deliveries. It was then I wondered, if God had heard my thoughts earlier and sent me this punishment to make me 'aware' - that nothing is perfect for ever. That any mishap can happen, at any time. Life or our body is that fragile; so being proud is useless. I felt thoroughly humbled at this realization. If its an insect bite that caused it - then, even a tiny insect can overpower a human! ( We all know how certain insect bites ~ spider/snakes/mosquitoes etc can cause deaths too! )

For almost the whole week, I kept watching the changing shape of my wound, that got bigger and bigger; downright scarier. I tried to assure myself that the white-blood cells present in my body were fighting these foreign elements, and maybe thats why it was paining so much. I clicked pictures of it everyday - although I can't post here; they're really that scary. I did google search on various bite symptoms, trying to match if they resembelled mine, and if so ~ any 'natural' remedies for the same ( I hate doctors/hospitals :o ). I even researched the Ebola virus outbreak ( which came on recent breaking-news ). Yeah, 'paranoid' I was.

On 9th/10th, the wound bled from a tiny opening that had burst itself. I just thought helplessly, lets see where it takes us now. To death or to heal. And no, I hadn't visited any doctor yet, nor used the dettol again. It was like ~ Nature/God, you heal me now, if you want me to remain alive. I swear, I'll never be proud over such things ever in my life and respect you the most. I bow to you, humbled forever. Also, I acknowledge the courageous warrior white-cells, who've fought valiantly, throughout this ordeal. I've noticed that, after the bleed-out, the pain has somewhat eased off a bit - so, maybe that's the poison that was flushed out. It still pained, but I could stand/walk a little more comfortably without wincing.

~ will update what happens next :D

So, the update is - the swollen area has subsided considerably, and the pain too. So, I guess I'm on my way to recovery. Thank you Nature and thank you God for teaching/reminding a valuable lesson.

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  1. I came and read this post. I hope whatever it is goes away soon.

    I must say, the first time I tried to comment, the comment box would not allow any comments. I could not select a profile. The Preview button did not work either. The Publish button DID work and then it whined about an empty comment.


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