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“Hello Nithya, my old friend. Whatsup!” Nithya heard that voice again. She dreaded it; hated it. It made her sick to the core. She tried to shut her ears by stuffing cotton balls into them, by holding both her hands over them; but to no avail. The voice still continued loud, as though it was embedded inside her head in a loop-mode. It kept playing like an old record. Mocking and making fun of her. "You know you can't get rid of me, so why even try my dear? Hehehehe...poor Nithya, stuck with me for life! We're a couple sweetheart, accept it." It spoke again, making fun of her helplessness yet again. It always kept speaking to her, urging her to stay alone with it rather than talk or socialize with others.

"You know, I love you very much, Nithya. I'm very possessive about you. I always want to be with you. Why do you try to ignore me? You'll be far more happier with me than with this ruthless world, you know. Believe me, I'm someone who will never leave you. You are mine forever. But, if you dare to leave me, you know what I'll do to you...hahahaha. I'll kill you and chop you into pieces." The last sentence had the all too familiar cold, ruthless and menacing tone to it, that sent a chill down her spine.

"Get lost, get lost...I'll get rid of you, just you wait!" Nithya screamed out angrily, tears in her eyes.
"How Nithya, how?" The voice asked, in her head again, "You know, nobody believes your silly stories. At the most, they'll think you've gone mad and send you to a mental asylum. Do you want that, Nithya? Do you really wanna wear that lunatic's uniform and stroll about with other mad-people in a mental-hospital; and those psycho-doctors giving you electric shocks!? Why not live happily together with me instead? I'm someone who will never leave you. You are mine forever. But, if you dare to leave me, you know what I'll do to you...hahaha. I'll kill you and chop you into pieces, hahahaha."

"Aaarrgghhh...stop it! STOP IT! I hate you. I hate you. Leave me alone, for god's sake!" Sweating profusely with this daily struggle, Nithya felt weak and lonely. She sat tired in her bed, closing her eyes. The voice was right, nobody believed her. They thought she was a schizophernic. Nobody trusted her, that the voice she kept hearing was real, not even her parents. It had her in its grip 24x7. It was driving her crazy, day by day. And the indifference of others towards her plight, made her heartbroken shattered ~ she was dying a hundred deaths everyday.

After a few minutes of silence, Nithya slowly opened her eyes wearily. Was it finally gone? She wondered....hoping against hope; and then...
“Hello Nithya, my old friend. Whatsup! Missing me already my baby?” Nithya heard it again, chuckling away.

Her eyes fell on the dupatta that was lying on the back of her study-chair. An idea crept in her mind. Suddenly, she knew how to get rid of the voice forever. Making up her mind, she moved towards the duppatta. And as though the voice knew of her intentions, it spoke up ~ "No, Nithya, Don't do it. We'll be separated forever if you do it, don't do it. I love you too much, Nithya..." It pleaded again and again. Nithya only gave a hysterical laugh before.....

The next day, a young girl's body was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her room, with a duppatta tied around her neck tight ~ that squeezed the life out of her. Fed up and totally helpless, Nithya had ended the unbearable entanglement she was in, and chose to embrace death to be free of it, much to the astonishment of the otherwise heartless people around her, who never understood or cared for the turmoil she was in. The voice meanwhile hunted another victim to prey upon.

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  1. Suicide is terrible. That is just plain sad :(


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