She looked at him as he packed his belongings; she dreaded this day ~ his memory was back!

She had found him 3 months ago by the river-side, wounded and unconscious; she healed him with love and care.

In due time, they became fond of each other and married.

He remembered nothing of his past; only she was aware of his bag full of grenades and cartridges ~ an enemy soldier.

Today, he realized who he was and pointed the gun on her head; and shot ~ unaware, she was carrying his child as he went back to conflict zone.

This 100 word 5 sentence post is for FSF@Lilliemcferrin
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  1. Touching. The last line does the trick.

  2. He shot someone he loved enough to marry?

    Horrible man

    1. i guess it was a trick of fate -- thanks for reading

  3. Tragic isn't it, how easy to love and hate the same person when memory plays tricks on you!!! Nicely done, Nandini..

  4. Sad , but a wonderful story.

  5. How sad! I feel for the woman :-(


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