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Carrying a rather heavy shoulder bag, Seema stood in the lone bus-stop, anxious to catch the last bus home. Today she had come to this remote side of town and the whole day was spent in field-duty. After being unscrupulously fired from her last job, this was her last option. Being a door-to-door salesperson was a job she abhorred, but with a father paralyzed in his sick-bed, and two siblings ~ one jobless and other still a student; Seema didn't have much choice than to bear the burden herself. Once home she'd have to cook too, for the whole family. How she wished her mother was still alive. Life had been too tough on her. Maybe, she should've just said yes to Manoj's advances. He was after all a rich, powerful man. Maybe all her problems would've then been solved.

Manoj, her ex-boss, had been eyeing her lecherously since the time Seema joined his firm. Touching her at the slightest pretext, calling her into his cabin, every now and then; he was like an animal on the prowl, ready to pounce on the prey at any moment. And one day, he finally did.

He called Seema to his cabin one afternoon, and made a pretense of having some files typed and emailed urgently. But, from his office computer itself, he ordered. Meekly Seema sat and typed away, file after file, growing quite aware that it would soon be past office hours ~ and everyone would've had left. It was then, all of a sudden, Manoj grabbed her from behind and started unleashing his carnal cravings. He wanted her desperately, he said, between heavy breaths. Once his, she'd become his Queen, he declared. Seema resisted, pleading him to stop. But Manoj kept insisting - exploring her body, exploiting her vulnerability; pushing away her clothes. He was simply uncontrollable. Utterly frightened, Seema, as a last resort pulled the lamp-shed from his desk and crashed it hard into Manoj's head.

"What the f...you crazy woman," Manoj stared angrily at her. He bled a bit but didn't advance any further, seeing the lamp-shed still clutched in her nervous fingers. "Damn..it'd have been fun...but get lost now! And don't come back, you bitch!" He growled.

Tears trickled down her cheeks now, as she remembered that evening.


It was getting late, and still there was no sign of the bus. Seema was getting increasingly worried by the minute. The place was notorious for undesirable elements. From a distance, the sound of thunder in the skies indicated a stormy night ahead. It had already started to drizzle a bit. Some of the undesirable elements, she wondered about earlier, had started to make appearances around her too. Hookers, pimps, eunuchs, drug-peddlers, petty thiefs/pick-pockets and the lot. Seema dreaded as she saw someone approaching her. They all seemed to be watching her; every move, every breathe. It made her feel very uncomfortable and nervous. God! Take me outta here, Seema prayed silently.

"Hey you...," she heard someone calling her. Now panicking, Seema tried hard to ignore and desperately hoped her bus would come. Why on earth had she come to this part of the town that day, she started regretting. She heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer. Oh..god..what will happen now! She was terrified. Just when she felt someone grabbing her by her arms, she heard a loud screech of tyres nearby, and the sound of a car door opening.

"Get in...!"
She saw the familiar face. What was he doing here? His office was in opposite side of the town. She had never gone back after that evening, when he had nearly ravaged her. To go with him was dangerous, but maybe less than the current surroundings.

Like a robot, sans any feelings she walked to the car, got inside, sat down - and surrendered to her fate. The drizzle had intensified and the car wiper flip-flopped in the wind-shield, as the car drove swiftly through the night. Somewhere at a distance, it stopped. But too numb now, Seema didn't sense anything, anymore. Not even the tears that had drained down; as her body was devoured, with downpour lashing the windows outside. And it rained that night...heavily; the night her Soul burnt.

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  1. A nightmare... described perfectly...

  2. I am not satisfied with its climax but perhaps that's the reality of our times

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  3. oh NO... that made me sad


  4. Anonymous21:46

    It's a nightmare but crisp narration expressing her plight as a human being, full of emotion. I wonder at people who have hardly any choice in life.
    Brilliant take on the prompt.


  5. Anonymous16:42

    Touching and sadly somewhere true. Very well narrated. Miracles don't happen but how I wish they did for her. Esp. the last paragraph shook me. Great post Nandini!


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