A dream home wrapped in, so many dreams,
New hopes unfolded as she moved in,
Warm; cozy feelings in the day, had her smiling,
Until, the nightmares slowly crawled in.

First the pokes and nudges gently, while she slept,
Then her hairs got pulled up with claw-like hands,
Feeling of choking; strangling followed, a daily affair,
The unseen force’s might had her in despair.

Invisible eyes followed her every move,
Whispers of her name being frequently called,
The voice sometimes manly, sometimes grew chilly,
Gushes of cold air lurked, always in her vicinity.

In all this mayhem, she wondered why,
Why she was made to under-go terror such,
Answers she didn’t ever find,
No one in this world, she could confide.

One day she woke to that usual sound, so creepy,
In the darkness, she saw a man standing, holding a pussy,
Dark glasses he wore, giving a fearful vibe,
Horror-struck, she found herself paralyzed.

He growled her name, urging her to follow him,
Hypnotized, she got up not fully conscious still,
Into a dark mysterious chamber, he led her the way,
Dirt and cob-webs hung everywhere.

He pointed her towards an old feeble trunk,
Like a life-less puppet she moved forward,
Inside her head, she heard his spooky order
Get that photo-frame; hang it by the alter!

In the bright morning sun that rose, she woke up,
Remembering the night before, she simply shrugged,
She ain’t gonna be scared of silly nightmares; they ain’t real,
She convinced herself, going about her daily trail.

Freshly brewed coffee and with the morning paper all set,
She sat in the living room, planning the day ahead,
When all at once, her glance fell on that hanging new frame,
A creepy smile played on his face; her nightmare was real.

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Copyright 2014 © Nandini Deka

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  1. More than anything i liked the use of words in here !

  2. OMG!! scary!! nothing worse than a nightmare coming true!!

    1. Oh yes...nightmares coming true is indeed scary :-(

  3. Replies
    1. thanks for reading @Belva :-)

  4. Replies
    1. heheh...i was waiting for your expression :-) :-) thank for the prompt @Tess

  5. Better to raise him from the dead ... Safer that way

    1. ha ha...i doubt if he'll be safe when alive too :p

  6. That man does elicit some dreadful fears - he is evil and we all know it - even the cat!

    Loved your writing beautifully crafted ~ Eddie

    Clouds and Silvery Linings

    1. oh yes..he looks menacing...that's what inspired my writing. thanks @Eddie :-)


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