I looked at the email twice. No, this can't be happening. Once it had happened before and it drove me crazy. I couldn't handle all that all over again. Why me, dear God, why me??!!!

If you're wondering what all this is about, let me tell you having a cousin is not an easy feat, that too a bollywood glamour obsessed one. My cousin lives in my native town and like all other small city people, she has the illusion that Bollywood/
Bombay is like a paradise - the ultimate glamourous place to be. With stars in her eyes, the fashionista that she is, she has been longing to walk the ramp ever since she was a baby. Once she had landed up too, at my place, as she had applied for an audition - but she was advised to grow up first.

And now that she is in her late-teens and growing up fast, she is all the more conscious and ambitious too. She participates in all kinda beauty related contests, be it online/offline. So, this particular mail was all about that. She was called down to Bombay, to audition for a famous designer's upcoming Mega Fashion Show event ( on the likes of the Lakme Fashion Week ). And the 'lucky' one selected, would also get chance to feature in a Bollywood item-song!
No wonder, my cousin has been screaming from rooftops in excitement. But her coming to Bombay would also mean, she landing up in my place. And living with her ....Ufff!!!

Ah..she is not really that horrible, infact she is too sweet, but her obsession for hair-make-up and the desire to look hot and pretty 24x7, can drive a person like me nuts. Anyways, I got ready for her arrival - after all she is my cousin. Sigh!


Packed Cute in a silky bag the Tresemmé Split Remedy came royally

The day she arrived, I had also received a cute pack of Tresemmé Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner from IB by courier. Excited as I was, I wanted to try it out immediately, but I was too distracted by my cousin's non-stop blabber, so thought to try later. Since her arrival, my cousin had not calmed down for even a second. It seemed she was troubled about something and was going crazy with worry. I asked her several times, but she just kept mumbling in front of the mirror ~ a 'horror' expression on her face.

"Will you tell me what's wrong with you? Last thing I want around here is a nervous freak!" Alas, I got fed up with her.

"See this and this ND! My hair is such a mess. I wonder if I'll even get selected. I'm so freaking worried about the audition." A huge sign of worry was clouding my beautiful cousin's face. She kept turning around and around in front of the mirror; looking at her tresses again and again anxiously.

I had no clue how to solve hair problems and seeing her like this, I was getting bit nervous too. She had lots of hopes for this audition. And I too genuinely wanted her to succeed in it.

"My hair is all damaged," she was saying, "All that wind, dust, stress, pollution, air-conditioning, harsh environment has taken a toll on it. They look rough and dry just like a 'broom' and has tonnes of split ends. Oil, Mask, Serum nothing works at such short notice. Audition is just two days away, what do I do? Oh God!" Her worries reminded me of my own hair woes.


Tresemmé Split Remedy Shampoo - 90ml @ Rs. 80/- & Conditioner - 90ml @ Rs 80/-

And oh! Did she say split-ends? I instantly remembered the combo of Tresemmé Split Remedy that I received earlier. Maybe, I did have a solution after all. But as I hadn't tried it myself, I wasn't sure if I could recommend it to her. Anyway, what's the harm trying, I thought - at least, it'd calm her for a while. And I seriously needed some peace of mind too :|

"What!! You have Tresemmé Split Remedy? Why didn't you tell me all this while?" My cousin leaped up from her seat as soon as I mentioned the parcel I received. "Gal, I need's my only hope now!" No, she didn't request - she demanded it.
"Well I haven't tried, so don't know if it'll work or not," I said, unsure.
"Tis' okay ND. What's the harm in trying. Anyhow, I've heard lots about the international Tresemmé brand since ages. All models, actresses and major Salons use it. It'll surely tame my hair a bit ~ I had used their Keratin range once earlier."

Now, if my cousin's mind is made up - then nothing on earth could change it. So, I gave her the shampoo and conditioner.


"Woohoo...woohoo," I was surprised to see my cousin coming out of the shower singing aloud and with a wide grin plastered on her face. She had washed her hair, I noticed.

"It works ND...It works," She exclaimed gleefully. She ran to the mirror and started admiring her stresses. "ND! See my hair; feel the texture now and the fragrance...hmmm wow!" I could indeed feel that her hair was not coarse anymore ( like it was earlier ) and felt soft; also looked voluminous & shiny.

Seeing the changed and much 'delighted' expression on my cousin's face now, was indeed an experience to cherish :-)


Doing the chic hair-styles with Tresemmé Split Remedy ~ Braids, Open-Curls/Straights, Buns etc; Being Ramp Ready, my cousin did get selected in the auditions after all!

Since then, I myself have used the Tresemmé Split Remedy shampoo & conditioner range, and been quite satisfied that I decided to review it poetically. So, Sing aloud with me :-)


Comes in two travel-friendly easy-2-use bottles,
coloured Back and Off-White,
Tresemmé Split Remedy changes expressions
from worry to sheer-delight.
Only in 3 uses, it lives up to
its gallant promises,
Cos' it Cleanses, Moisturizes, Cares
and Replenishes.
The Shampoo rescues split-ends by a
whopping 96 percent,
While Conditioner reduces oiliness,
leaving a mild-fragrance behind.
Damaged hair re-built from core,
making 'em strong and lustrous,
This magic lies in their innovative
new Reconstructing Complex™.
Hair that feels so soft, smooth and
is easy to salon-style,
Tresemmé leaves you with a happy
and satisfied smile.
With Tresemmé, Grow it Strong,
Baby, Grow it Long!


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( Images ©Mine )

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