Just as M.K.Gandhi is an over hyped individual who actually caused more harm than gain, Stephen Hawking is also an over hyped individual. Just to sell his books that contains 'unprovable' crap that's been infesting his head. He can't even hold a telescope for god's sake, how can he possibly tell what's there in the universe? ( not making fun of his disability here, just saying it in context of how research is done )

In one book he says there's no god, next book he says there is, and the next book he again says no there isn't. Now who'll take such a fickle minded person seriously, not me! Pathetic atheists/non-believers hang on blindly to hawkings n darwin as if they are God's, but there's a difference between Theory and Fact, and none of their stuff is yet proven as fact!

Same is case with Darwin! Was he there, billions of years ago to say for sure that humans came from monkeys? I mean WTF!

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