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We've heard that slogan all our lives, haven't we? And its so true as well. Home is where we spend majority time of our lives. Home is where we relax, let our hair down ~ in truest sense. And it is one place, we can design at will. Paint it with bright colours, adorn it with lovely furnishings, play with different cool artifacts/show-piece and what more, with all these we can surely make our neighbours envious of us. Doesn't it feel good? Specially, if we manage to get some really beautiful items for our lovely home, to make it even more lovelier? I have two homes, yes two! One my native, and other my Bombay home. So, I get to experiment and play around with the interiors of both my homes. Its so much fun, I tell ya!

But, buying home-furnishings can be cumbersome. First of all, get dressed and travel all the way in the heat/rain to a Mall or retail shop ( lots of time wasted ), get frustrated with the limited choices of products they stock, additional burden of getting those bulky stuff delivered to home - not to mention the 'extra expenses' incurred in all these. That's why majority of Indians ( and customers worldwide ) these days, are switching over to E-commerce sites. I spend most of my time browsing their catalogues. These sites offers a wide range of products ( best brands ) at the tip of our fingers, with great discounts ( good bargains ), multiple payment choices ( including cash on delivery ) and best of all no delivery hassles ( most of them offers 'free shipping' ~ right to your doorstep ).

Of late, I was planning to re-do my home, room by room, and came to my rescue with the above pointers. So, in no time, I got busy clicking with my mouse, exploring the site to purchase what exactly I needed ( from so many options ~ whoah! ) for my living-room. Check out what I bought :-)


Cortina Techno Jacquard Window Eyelet Curtain Product Code: MMH000000025104, Brand: Cortina MRP: Rs. 1,170.00 Price: Rs. 573.00/- Buy Here!

Do you know what 51% discount mean? Yes, it is almost half the original price. I bought the elegant Silver Florence patterns made of Polyester fabric at darn cheap rates! Can you believe that? The drapes look amazing, set against different colour background, and are visually appealing too! The rich looking fabric, with contrasting shades and jacquard weave blend in so well! It compliments perfectly any style of decor ~ classic or contemporary.


Zeeshaan 3D Mirror Flying Butterflies Sticker Product Code: MMH000000035180, Brand: Zeeshaan
MRP: Rs. 1,125.00 Price: Rs. 698.00/- Buy Here!

I love to go funky on the walls. Splashing them with bright colours, I'd love to adorn them with some of these stylish Wall stickers from Zeeshan, and enhance its beauty. Like an artist, I can flaunt my passion on my wall. The mirror-look is so pretty, I'm sure it'll get me lots of compliments. Being moisture proof, durable, lightweight; these high quality Feve Coated Fabricated Sheet will simply never go unnoticed. It comes with removable poly covering to prevent scratches during transit! And plenty of designs to choose from too.


Marwar Stores Orange Wooden Deewan Product Code: MMH000000026283, Brand: Marwar Stores
MRP: Rs. 29,700.00 Price: Rs. 17,226.00/- Buy Here!

At home, I really like to stretch out myself and sit comfortably. I'm a book addict, so, I'd love to have this sturdy & attractive Deewan in one corner of my living room ( only for me ) and immerse myself in my favourite paperback and a hot cuppa-coffee. This one ( fabric may vary ) is hand-made furniture made of Sheesham Wood. Looks royal, doesn't it?

A bright, colourful mix of contemporary, modern & ethnic; that's my home. I've had so much fun shopping. Will surely be back to shop more, and for my other rooms too!

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Your home is your ultimate comfort zone and a reflection of your style. The four walls of our home are the silent witnesses to our laughter, cries, anxieties and oh yes, the celebrations! Each corner of our home has its own stories built in brick by brick., give you a chance to be even more proud of your home.
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