Think the term doesn't exist? That, till now there have been only 'islamist jihadis' in this world that you heard of? Then think again. Hindu Jihadis exists too ( most of them keyboard jihadis in facebook, as I think they are too coward to dare do anything in real life ). By the way, if you donot have the following characteristics, then you can relax ~ you are not a hindu jihadi. But if you do, then you are a shit-head hindu jihadi like those islami counterparts.

1. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma has always said that 'all paths lead to God.' Even athiests/agnostic questioning or being skeptical of God/Religion are under the umbrella of hinduism. Perhaps that's why people like Buddha, Mahavir, GuruNanak etc who went on to preach their own faith ( leaving their born faith ) weren't persecuted. So, in all of these hinduism claims to be a very 'tolerant' religion. Only apostates of islam ( that claims to be 'peaceful' religion ) so far, has had a hard time if they dared to question or leave their faith.

Now, what does a hindu jihadi do? He is no different than those radical muslims. Recently, I came across such and was totally disgusted. In the topic of Modi gifting the Gita ( a holy book for hindus ) to Japanese PM, I commented that giving religious books are sign of being religious maniacs. Even Obama donot gift Bible or a Paki PM donot gift Quran. Well, in a diplomacy, where people belong to so many different religions/regions/races, you normally do not try to shove your religious manuscripts on the other. In anycase, I had the right to my opinion as it was a discussion forum. The idiots then had the audacity to ask me to read their book 'gita' saying sudhar jawoge ( as if sudharne ka theka le rakha hai ), and when I responded 'apna religion apne pass rakh' they went on an abusing spree. I didn't even abuse the religion/book or anything; just said keep your religion with you ~ only after I was asked to read it ( with the 'sudhar jawoge' jibe ). Maybe, if the tone of my sentence was 'keep your fucking religion in your fucking ass, I could understand their aggression. But my tone was quite normal. Anyways, their abuses continued that I had to block a few. Why ask me to read their crappy book anyway in the first place? or Why assume I didn't read already ( and found it crappy )!
So, aren't they being intolerant and going against their own religion teachings which says even athiest/agnostic are a part of hinduism. If some born-hindu doesn't care about their born faith, these people will go on an abusive rampage. So, that makes them a hindu jihadi!

2. Verse 8.39 instructs islam to be established in the world, and all true muslims will have that aspiration ( considering they learn it from a tender age of 3-5yrs or so ). Moreover, there have been muslim conquests/invasions in past, that led to mughal rule in India. So, many muslims consider India to be muslim land, forgetting conveniently its hindu past. Till that extent, I do support the hindus, because historically the land belonged to them. If muslims invade, converted, killed, ruled - it doesnot make the land 'muslim land' as they want to claim.

However, there are these new hindu-jihadis who behave exactly like these islamists. Any corner of the world, if an idol is discovered ~ they claim that place was part of birat-hinduism. Now, that's really ridiculous. In pre-christian/islam era, many countries across continents had their own pagan beliefs/rituals with idol, nature and animists worship. Those are their own unique culture traditions. For some hindus to claim Japanese were hindus ignoring their indigenous Shinto religion, or Yazidis are hindus ignoring their ancient Mesopotamian faith etc -- these hindu jihadis are not just being intolerant towards other's native faiths but spreading lots of hoaxes around too. To claim everything around the world as belonging to hinduism is same as those islamists claiming their muslim lands. And ironically, hindus haven't even invaded those lands they are trying to claim as belonging of birat-vedic or whatever faith. They claim Krishna was Christ, Vatican was Vatika etc such bullshits too. So, you can guess where their brains are located ( in their a$$es ) =)) Hence, such stupidity indeed makes them jihadi equivalent.

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