She stood looking across the fence. It didn’t exist before.

After the war ended, borders were hastily drawn. Neighbours who were previously friends, had turned bitter foes.

Mary sighed as she remembered that fateful night.
She had crept up stealthily to their secret meeting place, where Harry was waiting for her. They hugged and kissed, unaware of what was in store.

Bullet shots startled them out of their union. Harry pushed Mary towards safety of the nearby woods, and took out his shot-gun. What followed was a bloody battle, and Harry killed.

Their crime ~ they belonged to rival cliques.

This 100 words post is for Friday Fictioneers - ( Image Copyright – Erin Leary )
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  1. A good fight is always a pleasure to read.This one had love, or destroyed love. Not sure about that last line. Opportunity for more tension in other wording, maybe a character speaking it.

  2. Elegantly simple. Excellent.

  3. Yeah, that just about sums it up, all right. Thanks for this!

  4. The fence is not only a physical barricade but is meant to divide love and hearts.

  5. A sad story that's no doubt been repeated all to many times throughout history and countries.


  6. Like the surviving Juliet.. and knowing that it all started with them.. this feel like you have made a different end totally.. very good.

    I have to tell you Nandini, I like your writing, but unless I'm mistaken I have never seen you leave a single comment on any other story.. I might be wrong but I think this is a community and some level of reciprocity is expected I think..

  7. There are good fence s and then there are one which are bad !
    Nice one here...

  8. Dear Nandini,

    A sad ending to an ill-fated union. Good one.



  9. Nandini, Fighting among neighbors is an old sad story and has been repeated for thousands of years. Good story with a lot of action. Well written. :) ---Susan

  10. A sad story. Repeated over the millennia across the globe.

  11. Anonymous00:20

    Lovely story.... Rival cliques are always a bad place to atart love. Well done

  12. Sad and all too realistic. Well told


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