The #DovePlay meet invitation read : - Dove has given many women a reason to play with their hair this year. Now it’s your turn. You are invited to a special play date with Dove. Dress as you like but in white, and we’ll take care of the rest, to make this day a memorable one for you.
The Agenda: Let your hair down and just have fun! Regards, Team Dove.

Having attended several meets in the past, I knew instantly that this was going to be a great event. But I was wrong; 'cos it was not just a great event but a 'RAJNIKANT' of all meets I've attended so far. And when I take the thalaivar's name, you can imagine how grand it must be :D Even without boys, the meet was a super-duper-bumber-HIT! Girls Rock!! \YAY/


The Dove Dazzle & Drama....

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the meet though, because the dress code was to be all WHITE! Yeah, just like the 'Doves'. And I didn't have one. As days passed my anxiety grew. I looked around at my neighbour's terraces to see if I could steal anyone's white dress ( kidding :p ). Anyway, atlast I did manage to get one and phew! I was all set!
Dove had specially invited bloggers from other cities too, along with Twitter/FB Selfie contest winners - so, this event was unlike any previous indimeets. The bloggers who came down from other cities were a pampered lot, with free fares/stay/food etc. Whoah! And, that the day was 'Mother's Day', made the event all the more special. Dove surely knows how to treat women royally and make them feel special.

The meet started with Anoop.J ( of IB ) giving away goodies as usual ( this time to the blogger who travelled from farthest i.e Kolkata ) and some introductions with others. He then handed over to the hostess of the evening Freishia, who was lively and full of spunk, and not to mention very cute too.


The Dove Dance...Zoomba la la~

Earlier, after the registrations, we had got our pictures clicked wearing funky hats & goggles. There were Ipad booths too, where everyone could click n' post their selfies via Dove's twitter handle. And on entering the main Grand Sangam ball room we were given a games chart and map, along with a red wrist band with numbers on them. So, Freishia got about separating us into our respective groups. I was in group.5 ~ named the 'Messy Buns' ( all groups had different names based on various hairstyles ). We did bit ringa-ringa with two circles ~ inner clock-wise and outer anti. As the music stopped, we had to face someone in our group and know a bit more about them, do an odd handshake, write something about them in a word or flash emoticons. It went on quite a while, with different tasks everytime the music stopped.

Just when we thought we had finished the warm up, we were in for a bigger surprise. Because, what followed next was simply mind blowing. Two Zumba instructors took the stage and literally had us jumping Oops..dancing around. Zumba is kinda free-style fitness aerobic dance ( incorporating many other dance styles too ), thus, gyrating our body from angle possible with music. So, as the music played, everyone grooved. And boy! What a groove it was. Even with my two left feet at dancing, I found myself hopping about excitedly, trying to follow the dance instructor's moves, eagerly. We were exhausted, yet dancing away - cos' it was so much fun.


The Dove Games...Dove Throw Ball, Puzzle Mania and Hula-Hoops~

Our 'Dove Play' became a 'play' in the real sense with lots of interesting games set up for us at the impressive JW Marriot halls ( each named after the different rivers of India ). Our group first got to play the dove balls ~ Have a Ball. A pitch with many colourful balls, we had to dive in and pick the white ones with 'dove' written on them and throw at the baskets that our partners would be holding. We scored maximum with over 182 balls and this got us really pepped up.
Next, we played with each other's hair ~ Dove Hair Play, trying different hairstyles that were set up in each table. The group that did it quickest would get the highest points. Dove Puzzle Mania had us on an adrenaline high with all of us scrambling together to get the puzzle pieces right. While the Hoola-hoop ~ Hips don't Lie round was too funny for us, because the ring only kept slipping down to the floor, along with our squeals of uncontrollable laughter.


The Dove Play Date & Salon Pampering....

What I absolutely loved was the Dove Salon Experience round. In a massive hall, large mirrors with lights on them were set up. It looked quite like a film set. The Salon staff were professional ones too, with experience in films/serials etc, doing hair for top bollywood stars & models. We felt like stars ourselves. It was a totally relaxing round. I got some cute curls in my hair :-) Others chose different hairstyles from a plethora of ones that were offered ~ Yeah! With Dove you can try all without any worries. 'Cos Dove protects your hair all the way, at all times.

The Cocktail making or Bartendering round was the last hosted and judged by Pranav, where our group came third and we all won Rs.500/- worth each Dove Salon vouchers. Another \YAY/ moment :-)

The Marriot food was yummy and the climax of the event yummier. More fun followed in the main hall as we gorged on our food ~ dance, games, prizes! And it was then time to go home. Nah! Dove and Indiblogger didn't just let us go that way. Along with some cool hampers we were home-dropped ~ each one of us. How thoughtful and caring of them. It made the whole evening not just fun and pampered, but a secure one too. A Big thanks to Indiblogger and Dove. Love ya'll Lots.


The Awesome Indi-Team! See More Pictures of the Event ~ Here!

When I reached home, I opened the hamper to see a hair-straightner, cute hair clip and a neatly packed Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner kit. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo contains Keratin Actives that go deep within, to help rebuild damaged hair at the cellular level. It makes your hair beautifully smooth, strong and resilient to damage.


The Dove Goodies & Dove Intense Repair with Keratin Actives.

I tried the shampoo the very next day. The hair felt richer in texture and more importantly, I didn't find my hair leaving my scalp as it normally happens with other shampoos. I'll recommend Dove Intense Repair Shampoo to all, specially if you're facing a damaged hair problem. If nothing else, but for your hair to feel 'secure' as I did, returning home that day :-)

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  1. woww you guys had so much fun. Awesome pictures and I loved the dress code too. Everyone looks gorgeous in white.


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