Y - YAHOOoo00OOoooo!

:: Today is Y - YAHOO! NEARLY THERE! ::

Phew! As April slowly draws to an end, the a-z challenge is nearing its climax too! Lots of things happened in this month! Lets see the changes that occurred in me :D

  • From an over-enthusiastic a-z participant I became a lazy bum :P ( got lazier by the day )

  • In the initial days, I used to submit my post earlier in the day itself ( morning ); and now, I'm writing when in my place it is just 2 hours to midnight :/

  • I had promised in my first post, that all my posts will be between 33-100 words, but now, I have yet another proof that I simply cannot stick to any resolutions :| The word count kept shifting everyday. And in one post it nearly reached 700 words :o But thankfully, most were still somewhere between 150 or less :-) ( only fridayfiction posts were strictly 100 words )

  • Taking part in various prompts helped too, as they gave me topics to write on ~ to my completely blank mind :D

  • Like I admitted earlier, I became totally lazy - so broke the essential requirements of a-z i.e commenting on other's blogs! Apologies! I did visit and read several blogs, and commented too in a few - but towards the end I just pulled a brake - my energies had evaporated. And I'm very guilty :o

    So, will I participate next year - sure, I will. Only hope to be more active ~ but then, will I be able to keep a resolution like that? :o :D

    This post is part of the A-Z challenge for April'2014. Except Sundays, post everyday with 26 alphabets.

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    1. Sorry you lost your steam during the challenge. I managed to keep up this year.

    2. It's easy to do; usually by the time I get to P, I'm counting down the days :)

    3. Anonymous16:14

      I think the weariness described in this post is normal. I can see why folks who do the challenge try write/plan posts before April so they can pace themselves over the 30 days (I signed up right before the list closed with no planning what so ever.) I agree, finding writing prompts helps a lot.

      Carey from abundance in the boondocks

    4. Well done for participating in the challenge.

      I think that different people hit the wall during the challenge at different times. For some it's two or three days into the challenge, whereas others reach it in the second, or even the last week.

      I tend to find I hit a bit of an ebb during about the third week (this year was my second). By that point quite a few people have dropped out and people are also getting caught up in commenting, blogging and real life (I think Easter fell about the third week this year).

      I'd definitely recommend scheduling your posts in advance, it does help to keep the momentum up. Good luck for next year. :-)


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