:: Today is V - VULNERABLITY ::

We humans are so full of pride, ego and know-it-all attitude – that just ‘cos we managed to discover/
invent a few modern gadgets, we forget how vulnerable we really are.

If we don’t eat food or drink water one day – our whole system goes haywire and we end up feeling unwell. 2-3 days that way, would lead to our certain death.

Take a kitchen knife – one chop at the wrong place would instantly lead to bleeding and if the bleeding doesn’t stop – our death.

Go to the first floor of our building and try jump – we end up with scratches and bruises. No need to go to 1st floor and jump even; a simple fall will also ensure bruises. Not to mention a fall from 2-3rd + floor will definitely ensure broken bones or even our death.

Go in front of an approaching vehicle – you know what’ll happen to you.

Go under water – if you don’t know swimming, you'll instantly drown. Even those who are apt in swimming won’t be able to stay underwater for long. Go near the fire – well, don’t even think about it.

The list is endless….

So the point is, death mocks us at every corner. All our lives are spent on being careful and alert in avoiding it. Alas - we can't run or escape from it forever. It'll catch us one day for sure! Humans are most vulnerable creatures ( like all living beings ) – so what’s all these pride, ego and attitude all about, eh?

This post is part of the A-Z challenge for April'2014. Except Sundays, post everyday with 26 alphabets.

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  1. I was feeling pretty good until I read how death is around every corner! Hope I make it through the day.


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