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godrej aerThat day when the envelope arrived, I could not believe my eyes. They contained the tickets he had sent, to join him. He was posted in another town, so we were mostly keeping in touch via internet. It was tough to be apart for so long, and the days were just dragging by.

"Join me here," one day he said, "I'm missing you so much."
"Then take me there with you," I replied.
"Soon!" was his reply.

His 'Soon' would come so soon I never imagined, because the tickets arrived in just two days. Anyways, I was thrilled. I was longing to see the place where he was temporarily based. Hill- station, some kilometers away from the capital city. So, my flight was upto Delhi. Then we'd go rest of the way on road. I was pretty much pepped up. My packing had started and not before long ~ I found myself landing in Delhi airport. I saw him waiting with a big smile at the airport's 'arrival' lounge and rushed to hug him.


godrej aer"What's this?" I asked, little confused as he tied a black strip lightly over my eyes, blind-folding me as soon I was seated beside him on his car, "What's this for dear??? I..I..don't understand."

"Hushh baby...you'll soon find out," he whispered in my ears gently, "It's a surprise." He kissed my forehead lightly.

His musky after-shave so near, swooned me, and I just decided to be patient. Let the surprise reveal itself bit by bit. I was in no hurry. I was so happy just to be with him again. That was enough for me for now. I pulled down the car-windows my side and felt the cool breeze whizzing past, enjoying thoroughly. He played a soft music in the car and I relaxed in my seat, with my beloved hot-driver on the wheels cruising away from the dusty-city towards the hills far-away, away from the maddening crowd.

"Are you comfortable," he asked me every now and then. I nodded happily. I wanted to see the view outside, but didn't want to spoil the surprise he had planned. After some time I felt him slowing down the car a bit. "What happened honey?" I asked, not sure if we reached so soon already.


godrej aer "You must be hungry baby, have some of these. We'll reach in a while," he said softly, as he laid a small basket on my lap. I held the basket and tried to feel what was in it. The scent of it was too appealing and I brought it closer to my nose. Hmmm...well lemme guess what these are, I thought, good way to pass my time as I munched on. I knew they were fruits cos' they felt like and the smell it gave out was just amazing ~ subtle fruity ~ not of one, but varied. The whole car was filled with the fragrance.

"Pomegranate beads, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Thai Dragon fruit, Kiwi-Fruit, Orange, Plums and many more --- aah.. the fruits tasted yummy and smelt yummier. The fragrance they gave out all together made the car insides feel so heavenly. I'd love to buy that kinda fragrance ( if ever made ) and spray it everyday. UUUuumm..I was so lost in the exotic fruits and berries that I barely heard what he was saying.

"We are nearly there, baby," he was saying.
"Uh huh," I could only reply between the bites.


godrej aerThe car took a turn and came to a halt. "We've reached sweetheart," he announced warmly, as he leaned over to remove my blind-fold. When I glanced outside, I simply couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't want to get out of the car for a while, because of the wonderful fragrance I was engulfed in the whole journey. So, it was battle of mind and heart. Well, the 'mind' won eventually and I slowly opened the car-door and rushed outside to take it all in. I didn't regret it a bit. If insides of the car was awesome, the outsides was supa-awesome. We were in the hills. What a fantastic destination to reach after that mind-blowing short journey.


godrej aerThe place was simply breathtaking. Lush green snow-caped mountains, clouds hovering below from where we were - in high-altitude. Pine trees all around making the place so look exquisite. I could see a water-fall not far away, its waters cascading down and flowing as a rippling stream below. I was mesmerized. The air was crispy and smelt so fresh. Outside an old colonial style house ( our new love-home ), I saw a huge table laden with - yes, you guessed it right - more of the fruits I just devoured.
The awesome fragrance of the luscious fruits ( specially grown in these parts, as I was informed later, solving the puzzle really of them keeping me company the entire journey ), now with the crispy freshness of the hills too makes a heady scent ~ Godrej Aer, will you make that one for me? And then, in the midst of all the awesomeness, he whispered a Very Happy Valentines day to me...that'd be music in my ears for a long time to come...

godrek aer

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