Ever since social networks sites like orkut/facebook came into existence around 2004, we have not been able to run from our past it seems. Suddenly, long lost old school friends seek you out, sends friend request, leaves comments on your blog/updates ( quite unnecessarily so, if I may add ) etc. I got many such messages and friend requests from such long lost school mates demanding a reply back. Whoa! It's outrageous. We've not talked for years and suddenly you pretend as if you know me? Demanding a reply and all that? Whoah! For me 'out of sight is out of mind', and here we are talking about over a decade of out of sight. I don't know who you are. You are a stranger for me buddy, and Mamma told me not to talk to strangers :D

What's more funny is, even those school mates whom we never ever talked to in life ( not even in school ), suddenly seem to know us so well too. Somebody, seeked me out in orkut few years back in 2007. I never really talked much to her in school, but she seemed to know me well. She added me to some chain mail, and very soon I started getting chain mails, from familiar names whom I had studied with ( not necessarily talked with much though )
I was perhaps the only one who was not actively participating or responding in that chain mail - felt very artificial & fake!! Soon, I stopped receiving those mails, which leads me to conclude that they removed me from the list, haha! However, during those chain mails I also came to know that two of our class mates expired few years back. Ah...that's sad! ( btw didn't really talk to them much either in school, perhaps just a 'hi' or a smile, so they died strangers for me :o )

Another is one old neighbour, who used to make faces at us, 'cos we used to tease her. Whole school life for strange reasons, her mother kept her bald. So, its natural we teased her, with names like 'tokoli/baldi/ganji'. She hated us and never talked to us, didn't even look at us. Hehehe! So, I got really surprised when she recently dropped me a message as if I was her long lost friend :o Weird World, huh!

Well school mates are not the only ones that's been popping out of nowhere in social media networks. Even those 'crushes' we once had or someone had on us, are also popping up from those dark, dusty, forgotten closets of the past. Embarrassing huh? Specially, since those crushes got crushed long back and you don't want to remember them at any cost, much less face them in the virtual world. One such dude sent me a long letter through my website, and then started regularly appearing on my page as well. Talked to me as though AL IZZ WELL :o Of course, 'wicked me' used the block button :D
Next, another popped up --- this one was like an enemy for me now - but the way that person greeted me, or tried to add me on messenger was like - O'Hello? Excuse me, but who the hell do you think you are? WTF!!! Get lost - yea, 'wicked me' said that and then used my now favourite block button! :D

Lastly, now I see another one popping up in a community I'm active member of. This friendship had ended sour, bitter - anything associated with absolute and disgusting horribleness. So, it is indeed annoying to face the past all over again. Bloody hell! LOL!! 'wicked me' is already reaching for that block button :D

Yes, yes...I'm the most unsocial person using these very social sites! Irony eh? khi khi khi...
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  1. It happens to me when college friends send requests... and I find that they are college friends because of numerous mutual friends... puts me in dilemma whether to accept or ignore.


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