"Catch me if you can!" The hurriedly scribbled note said; as he clutched it harder in disbelief, his knuckles whitening. Was is some kind of cruel joke Dishi decided to play on him atlast, along with breaking his heart forever, and going away. What happened to all her promises - to be together, forever? What about those vows never to give their 'love' up? Yet, she was no more with him. They didn't even meet for the last time. All he had of her was this crumpled note that Bahadur ( her watchman ) handed to him, when he attempted to meet her.

"Madam has gone away. Foreign land, you see. Great Britain!" Bahadur said proudly, giving him a narrow disapproving look. Obviously his opinion of Raj wasn't too high, considering the fact that the young boy came from very humble background. Whereas his Madam Dishi, was the beautiful princess of high society. Apple of everyone's eyes.

His 'Maalik', Boss found out about the young couple's puppy love, and had immediately arranged for Dishi's marraige with Prince Vikram Singh of royal Fatehpur Gharana. But Dishi asked for more time and pleaded to go abroad, to UK, to study Fashion Designing. Their only daughter - they were reluctant to allow at first. But since their hone-wala-damaad ( future son-in-law ) Vikram had business in London too, her family finally agreed. Atleast, that would take her away from the pauper Raj, they thought, and maybe allow her to spend quality time with Vikram. They had disliked Raj immensely. A poor chap, how on earth would he ever be able to keep their laadli princess happy? Even the thought of their daughter being with that boy boiled their blood no end. Marriage to him was simply unthinkable. Atleast, he could never afford to follow Dishi to UK, like he used to follow her all around Dehradun town - setting the tongues wagging. That thought gave them some satisfaction and peace of mind atlast. They were convinced, they had made a good decision for their daughter. In due time she'd forget the pauper and marry Vikram too.

"Forget about her. Kaha humari shahzaadi Dishi aur kaha aap - what level our princess is and what level you!" The watchman had said, as Raj stood outside the huge gates, his ears nearly burning, taking in the news. "Here take this. Uski aakhri bye-bye chitthi - her last bye-bye letter. I shouldn't give it to you, but taras aate hai aape - feel sorry for you. She is out of your league, son. God will surely give you someone of your category, don't loose hope."
Raj looked furiously at the watchman, wanting to beat the hell out of him for his annoying sympathetic looks, but instead grabbed the letter and walked off.

Now as he held it, he thought over and over about his love - now lost. She had loved him too. All those promises she made, couldn't have been a lie, could it?. They had spent so much time together. He knew her so well. There was surely more to it. Was this note really a joke or some kinda code? Yes, they used to speak a lot in code language. Was Dishi telling him something through this note?

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - he went over it again and again. Was Dishi asking him to go to where she was? Was it actually an SOS call for him to go and rescue her? Raj sat up. Yes, he understood it atlast. It was Dishi calling out to him. She had wanted him to join her in the UK. He had heard about her impending engagement to Vikram - so maybe she was asking - no pleading him, to get there fast. But going to UK? It was a nearly impossible thought. He was still a student. How on earth would he arrange the money to go there? His father was a simple Govt employee, barely making ends meet for the entire family. It'd be nearly impossible for him to arrange the amount required. Raj was in a dilemma. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to be with Dishi, but all doors that led to her, seemed closed. In despair, he felt frustrated.


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"Raj, you are a brilliant student. Why do you forget that?" Sameer said to him the next day. They were sitting in their college cafeteria. "I've got all the information about Dishi, so you don't worry about anything dude. Things will be fine, trust me." Sameer's sister was a close friend of Dishi. From her, they came to know that Dishi had taken admission in one of the top Fashion Designing colleges in Great Britain ( London College of Fashion ). She was always interested in learning fashion & beauty. And Great Britain had some of the world's best and top fashion & beauty educators/institutes. And moreover it was also a ploy of Disha's - to buy time and delay her marriage, that her parents were forcing her into.

"She loves you and wants you to be there. Why else do you think she left you the note?" Sameer looked at his friend who had a deep worried look in his face.
"But how on earth will I arrange to go there? Where will I get the money?"
"Don't worry about that. On my recent trip to Delhi, I had visited the British Council Education Exhibition. Man, I tell you - it was mind-blowing and I learnt some pretty cool things. As you are already planning to study computer engineering and later MBA - why not take admission in a college in Great Britain instead? It has the best colleges out there."

"Are you joking?" Raj asked, looking at his friend incredulously, "I'd love an education in the UK too. Who doesn't want to go abroad to study? But dear, lets be a little practical. Taking admissions here itself takes a toll on my father's income and resources; and you are suggesting admission in the UK? You must be out of your mind!"
"Hey hold on! Its not that complicated or high fees as you think. Besides scholarships, you also get to work few hours every week there along with your studies, and earn! They have good facilities for overseas students. And just think, once you pass out, you'll land in such high salaried jobs that Dishi's parents will beg you to marry their daughter."
"You are making it all sound so easy," Raj didn't quite know whether to believe his friend.
"But it is buddy. Damn easy! You got to trust me." Sameer really wanted to help his friend. "Don't worry about accommodation etc. I know couple of my friends who live there. They'll easily find you an affordable place to say, maybe sharing kinda. Or even some of the youth hostels, they're good. Many students from all around the world come to study in Britain, so you will never feel out of place. And then, there's Dishi too to look out for. Won't you do this much for her?"

Raj's eyes softened on hearing Dishi's name. He missed her terribly. For her he was willing to go all the way.
"And you are one lucky dude too," Sameer was saying again, "British Council is currently giving scholarships too. So you might wanna grab that too, fast! With the kinda scores you have, it'll be a cakewalk for you, I'm sure. And admissions via UCAS makes it so hassle-free. It has all the information you could possibly require - admissions, student visas etc."

Later that evening, they browsed the UCAS, British Council and the top UK universities websites to get more detailed information. Since Raj's subject was Computer Science, they went through lists of colleges to find one that would be ideal. All of UK's colleges of Computer Sciences and Information Systems are very impressive and of great repute. UCL or University College London, a top university, appealed to Raj.
"Apply to a couple of them together. They'll all reply back with invitations, be assured," Sameer suggested with a wink.



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"I can't believe I'm actually boarding my flight to London," Raj exclaimed aloud, pinching himself in disbelief. He was standing at the Delhi International Airport. On one hand he held the Passport, and inside it was tucked carefully - Dishi's note. The note that had led him to take this decision of a lifetime. A note, that would finally change his life forever.

Due to his impressive marks and educational records, all the colleges he applied, for admissions, invited him immediately with open arms. They offered him good scholarships too. The courses were flexible. Hence, once in UK, he could also work part-time as well - and that was a fabulous news. Earning along with studies would surely lift little bit of the load off. His parents were proud of his decision too. They had come to see him off all the way from the hills where they lived.
"I can finally say proudly to everyone, that my son is going to 'vilayat' ( abroad ) for studies," Mr. Rawat said, his eyes little moist. "By the way where is your good friend? The one who made it all possible?"
"Sameer?" Raj asked, to which is father nodded. "I'm expecting him any moment. Without him, all these would've never happened. He gave me a wealth of information and motivation that I'd forever cherish."

A loud cry of his name suddenly, made everyone turn around. Speak of the devil - no angel ( in this case )! They spotted Sameer, who was hurriedly making his way through the crowds to the departure lounge, where they all were.
"Sorry guys. Reached little late," Sameer began.
"Don't you apologize for anything Sameer. You've already done more than enough." Raj hugged his friend.
"So, all set?" Sameer asked cheerfully.
"You bet?" Raj winked.
In the next one hour, Raj was on his way through the skies, to fulfill his dreams and nearer and nearer his dream love ~


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