WECHAT - THEN 1998 NOW 2014


THE YEAR WAS 1998 - Ever wondered what that sardar kid always kept counting in the blockbuster movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? So, here the mystery is finally revealed :-)

THE YEAR NOW IS 2014 - Yes, as that sardar child predicted 'silently', today all these social media apps are indeed a reality. Lets carry forward that child's message :-)


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( WeChat.com is a new, powerful and absolutely free mobile communication tool. It supports voice/video/photo/text messages. You can also do group chats, or you can find new friends nearby to talk to. WeChat works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry devices.
Besides the cool 'Live text chat', 'Voice' and 'Video' messages, it has some other really cool features like 'Shake', 'Moments', 'Drift Bottle', 'Look around' etc all loaded with some cool customized 'Emoticons' to make the chat a really enjoyable and fun experience. ) | ( Images - KKHH & Google )

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