SUNSILK recharge

When I was young, I wanted to buy a scooty,
My beauty-blogger sister scared me, saying my hair will get all messy,
Years later, now, she's bought her teenaged daughter a scooty,
She says, cos' there's Sunsilk everyday to recharge the booty!

Well, that's the story of my life. My wishes & dream crushed and sacrificed mercilessly underneath the dominance of my know-it-all elder sister. My dream to own the Scooty remained a dream all my life. All because I was scared not to mess up my hair. My hair was my crowning glory. My pride. My Ego!

I'd rather sit at home than go out and have my hair messed up by the wind. Yes, my hair made me bit introverted, but it was worth it. My lack of interest in anything outdoors made me a total loner. I sat in my room, locked up whole day. In my loneliness, I had only one steady companion. My imagination. It never betrayed me. I went places with my imagination - all that I avoided in real life, I experienced with my imagination. Yeah! It was lot fun. And yes, I owned a Scooty too in my imagination and off I'd go for long rides. In the open highways, at full speed; by the sea where sea breezes would make a mess of my hair, you'd think. Oh! But you're so wrong. In my imaginary world, I had a special Hair Recharger. I'd recharge my hair with it before going these places, and O'Boy it kept my locks in their place throughout. Not a strand would move, while I'd be zooming away merrily chasing rainbows.

With my recharged hair, in my imagination I sky-dived, bungee jumped, rode the roller coaster, went rock-climbing and had all the fun imaginable - and you know what - My Hair Never Got Messed! Yes! Never! \ YAY / It was the sheer magic of my Recharger. How my sister would envy it, I'd laugh at the thought - a very wicked laugh. My sister knew nothing of my little secrets. She had absolutely no idea about my girlie-gang who were always upto super sleuth-stuff. Yes, being die hard fans of the famous detective Nancy Drew since young, we loved solving mysteries in our neighborhood too. We were the incognito Mr.Recharger's Angels. We sniffed & snooped around, busted crimes, chased criminals - wow! it was so much fun. And all these we did, riding my Scooty. Can you imagine why we had so much success in our missions? Yes, you guessed it right - its all because of my Hair Recharger.

SUNSILK recharge

The Bold & Bindass Super-Babes Trio a.k.a Mr.Recharger's Angels

"Why do you always force us to use this Hair Recharger of yours, ND?" Shana, my beauty conscious co-angel asked, looking at the light green bottle as she held it up.
"Yes, I too wanna know. I mean, I always like my hair messed up like a boy. Y'know its so cool that way," Mona, the tomboy angel joined in.
"Oh! Comon now guys. You know the answer to that already," I drawled. "You know Shana & Mona, how much it helps in our mission. Not a strand of hair moves to distract us, even when we are doing the impossible stunts. We've solved so many of our cases thanks to this magic recharger. And thanks to it, we've also named ourselves Mr.Recharger's Angels."

"Ok, okay! So is it necessary to use it today too? Today we are not really on any official case, are we?" Shana asked.
"Yea, I'd like an answer to that too," Mona chipped in too.
"Its the race of a lifetime girls. We get to beat the boys, and this is our only chance. Don't be silly. We can't afford to make any mistakes. Let the Recharger do its job. Remember, it is always on duty," I said. The other two rolled their eyes, and sighed. I always had my way over them in the end, after all.

Today, was a very important day of our lives. It was the Scooty Race on the High-End Cliff ~ considered most dare-devil of stunts! It was normally not considered a female's game. But somehow over the last few months, our reputation as the neighbourhood Mr.Recharger's Angels had soared, and finally our challenge was accepted. We were racing the BullDog Team - they were the unbeaten champions for the last 10 years. Oh! Man this was so exciting and a prestige issue for us as well. And we were ready! We simply had to win this one.


"I'm done," Shana announced. She was dressed in the sleek black body suit, and her long waist-length hair recharged with my special Hair Recharger.
"So, am I," Mona too appeared with a smile. Her hair was short and messy, but with the Recharger, it was in place, looking super-sleek, neat.
"Right, and so we are all set. Good luck to us," I was as always, recharged already. We knocked our fists lightly in our signature-style salute, before heading off to our waiting Scooty. We were all set for the thrills, the afternoon promised.

Vroom, vroom...I raised the tempo of my Scooty's accelerator, ready to kick dust and also the BullDog's butts. We had no fear. We were Recharged! The track was ready and the energetic hollering crowd cheering already. The race was finally on. We had to reach the cliff end at shortest possible time, and make a U-turn before halting. And we had 3 chances for it.
'Comon ND, you can do it,' I prayed to myself, before taking position. The others were seating just behind me. The BullDog's scooty had a trio on it too. It was the norm. 3 riders each. We were slimmer, sleek and fitted oh so well. But the BullDogs - they were struggling to fit their rather bulky frames amongst themselves, in their tiny scooty. I nearly laughed seeing their attempts. But as they were the champions, I couldn't take them lightly, I thought; becoming cautious.

Concentrate, concentrate.....My mind alerted. The cliff was a risky one. If I didn't make the U-turn at the right time, there was possibility of us falling off the thousand-feet-deep steep fall and breaking our necks. I couldn't afford to lose focus on this deadly game at any cost. So, as the whistle blew - the engines started roaring ferociously. And we began moving - at break neck speed; both teams parallel to each other on the narrow track, racing to touch the end line and make a swift U-turn.

SUNSILK rechargeSUNSILK rechargeSUNSILK recharge

The Dare-Devil Scooty Race Track @High-End Cliff!

With full concentration, I forgot the rest. My focus was only on the end line now. My Hair Recharger took care of the rest. Inspite of the speed we moved, our hair stayed in place, hence no distraction. But the other team flunked right away. The hair of the second rider was long and it touched the nose of the other behind him, and he let out a big sneeze, which distracted their driver by a few seconds, and we won the first round instantly. The driver scowled at their second rider, for their failure, apparently blaming his long ruffled hair. We laughed amongst ourselves. This was exciting. But we had to be very careful. The next round was crucial. If we win that, then there'd be no need for the 3rd. We'd be declared winners.

We re-grouped and discussed amongst ourselves. The second ride was to be driven by the second rider of both the teams, and the third one by the third rider. We had to think of something fast. The first round winners were given a chance now, to set a challenge for both teams. We had to think of something that would make them lose instantly. We already saw how they flunked in their first attempt.
"Idea! Lets give them the open hair ride challenge," Shana said excitedly, her eyes twinkling. "Their second rider has long hair too, so it'll be perfect."
"And we have our Recharger!," Mona said with a wink, proudly. We did our signature salute again in agreement.

As was the rule, the other team couldn't refuse. So with a nasty 'we'll-see-you-too' look, they accepted the challenge. If they won this round, perhaps they'd throw us some even harder challenge, we feared. So, we had to win this anyhow. It was then decided both the riders this time, would have their hairs open and ride the race.
We sat on our Scooty, poised and ready. The others were already having problems. The wind was blowing hard too, thanks to the roaring sea-waves below the cliff. I could see the second rider of the BullDog team uncomfortable already, with his unruly hairs flying about in front of his eyes. We were sure to win this one, my gut instinct told me, as I thanked my Hair Recharger secretly ( our long-trusted winning formula ).

The race started and we vroomed off. As I hopefully predicted to myself, Shana completed the end line swiftly. Her long recharged hair didn't move an inch even in the wind or the speed with which she rode. But the BullDog rider fumbled within moments, with his long hair teasing his own nose and blinding his eyes due to the wind, while riding. We were thus declared winners! We beat them by several seconds.
Phew! The much coveted and prestigious 'Dare-Devil High-End Cliff Race Trophy' was ours atlast. Bottles of Champagne uncorked, sending out the fizz in air while the jubilant crowds went berserk, cheering us - the new champions! They were chanting 'Bravo Bravo Mr. Recharger's Angels!' What a proud moment it was for us. The loosing team congratulated us and sulked in one corner. While we basked in the spotlight, in full Glory. Everything was perfect. I thanked my Hair Recharger secretly again and again, for not failing us yet again.

The crowds then suddenly broke the line and came running to us, in their thousands, for our autographs. Everyone wanted to touch us, shake our hands. There was a media frenzy too of sorts, with all of them hounding, wanting sound-bytes from us. Their blinding cameras flashed non-stop at us. It became unruly soon, as the crowd mobbed us. Security were called in for our protection. Instant sirens rang, to disperse the crowd. Tear-gas released, while the sirens kept ringing loud, buzzing in my ears. I twisted and turned from my position wanting the sirens to stop somehow. But it didn't. It just kept on ringing. In all the hulla-baloo, the noise was too deafening.


I jumped up with a jolt. It was the door bell that was ringing, so incessantly. I opened my eyes wide to see that I was in my room, locked myself, as usual. That race, the win - it was all a dream! Mr.Recharger's Angels was nothing but my fantasy, my imagination. The bell rang again. With a sigh, I went to open the door. The courier boy stood outside patiently, carrying a parcel in his hands. What? I didn't order anything, I thought, my mind still a bit fuzzy.
It was for me alright and I soon opened the parcel. The 'note' inside, was from my sister. It read - "Recharge your Dreams and live your Fantasies for Real. Recharge Hair, Recharge Life. Good luck to Mr.Recharger's Angels - Loving Sister."

Inside the packet was a duo-pack of Sunsilk Recharger Shampoo and Conditioner. I was amazed, my sister knew my fantasies all this while! I smiled at the picture of her daughter, she sent along. Sasha, my niece on a Scooty, all recharged ;-)

SUNSILK recharge
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  1. Very catchy opening lines! An angelic post!

    See you riding your Vespa soon!

  2. All Information about your products are the Best Signs of performance. Thanks Sunsilk.... ;-)


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