Home has different meaning for different people. It could be a simple thatched hut or the massive Ambani mansion. We plan, buy or build our home as per our budget, but our main priority is always to be happy and relaxed when inside it. For me, the idea of home kept changing for years - primarily because, since my early age we seemed to be constantly changing one home after another. My father had facility from his office to rent house on their bill, so every few years we kept shifting from one house to another. No sooner we became attached to one and began calling it 'home', it was time to move on again. I found it tiring, irritating, and frustrating; also felt extremely helpless because I lost out on most of my newly made neighbourhood friends in that process, and could do nothing about it. And so yes, we all started complaining very soon. We didn't want to live like nomads anymore; we wanted our own house! A stable, permanent home. So, it was when I was almost around 14 yrs or so, that I finally got to move into our own-built house. Finally, I could be proud and show off to my other school mates, that we didn't live in rented places anymore. We had our own home. Boy! Was it a proud moment!

In our own homes, we can do what we want and don't have to worry about landlords, their tantrums of 'do this or don't do that' rules. Its such a relaxed feeling. And yes, we can decorate & paint as we like too!


My Native Home! Seen it built brick by brick :-)

From an empty plot of land to the two storeyed stucture that it is now, I've seen my native home built, brick by brick. When construction work was going on, I used to accompany my father to see how much progress they made. It was simply fascinating to watch the structure taking shape.

Alas! after we moved in, life indeed was far more relaxed. My mother went about doing her own vegetable gardening in the front yard as well as terrace, while both me and my sister would constantly shift furniture around, trying to give the interiors a new look every few days. Yes, we were obsessed about our home. Only regret I do have is, we didn't splash as much colours as we should've in our new home. Call it our ignorance or lack of options, we had a yearly white-wash paint and that was all. Now when I look at online brochures of Asian Paints - see here, I'm simply amazed to see how different colours can give off such different feelings/moods in a particular room. And of course the choices are many too :-)


The impeccable and impressive bouquet of colours from AP Home Solutions changes and enhances entire mood of the room!

A few years ago, the meaning of home had changed once again for me. It was when I decided to move to Bombay, seeking to establish my own identity and live independent. For a while I lived at my friend's house, then I shifted to a hostel. Life sucked bad. I hated every moment then, because I didn't have a roof over my head to call my own. In frustration I went back to my native place and started my own entrepreneurship. But I realized, that I had left my heart behind in Bombay. But to really enjoy living there, I needed my own home, my own little space. And trust me, owning a house in Bombay is not easy at all. But when there is a will, they say, there's a way. So, in the end I chose to buy a small apartment that I could afford, and tried in every way to make it my home - my 'abode' in Bombay. Its been almost 10 years now, since I'm proud owner of a small, but cute flat. However, when it came to painting the house, I decided to follow my dad's old policy of doing a white-wash every year.

I realize now, how lazy the whole thing is. When there's so much options available, why choose to make your surroundings dull and boring. I've browsed the AP's Home Solutions website, and realized, what I've always considered a mammoth task ( i.e painting a house ), is actually so easy. Choosing colours for our home is now at our finger-tips and can be planned from right our homes itself, instead of having to go out to a paint shop. Check out the Inspiration Wall or Colour Spectra, ask Online Help or have a Consultancy delivered @Home via Ezycolour - AP have made home solutions easy, like never before. Take advantage of their home solutions and give your home a make-over. I'm already dialing them up for a consultancy ;-) What about you?


A Beautiful Home is A Beautiful You!

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When it comes to home painting, leave it to Asian Paints
This post is part of "Beautiful Home Blogger Contest” by AP in association with RL | A refreshing new look for your home can bring excitement into your life. But home painting isn’t that simple. Which colours work? Which products best suit my needs? Will it fit the budget? Home solutions is the answer to these and more. We all know creating and maintaining a beautiful home takes a lot of work! You need to have great taste and equally great patience to deal with a Contractor! AP Home Solutions enables you to have a Beautiful Dream Home without any worries.

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