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We looked at the house again. We lived three years in the neighbourhood, but till date had no idea who lived there. We only heard mournful wailings every evening that would sometimes continue till midnight. Nobody dared to venture inside the compound because of the sealed wooded planks and the ‘No Trespassing’ warning sign. Some said the house was probably haunted.

One day the wailings stopped. For days everything was quiet, but a foul smell started coming from the house. It was unbearable for anyone who passed by. On complaints, finally the authorities broke in – a rotten corpse was found.

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  1. Dear Nandini,

    Eeeeew. Maybe they should've checked out the wailing to begin with. Well done.



  2. How awful for the neighbours to have to bear the wailing first and then the smell!Cool take:-)

  3. Your story has a documentary feel to it, like I'm reading it in a newspaper. This sort of event happens, too often, unfortunately! I think you mean 'to date' rather than 'till date', though that's a bit 'business English' - you could exchange 'till date' for 'still' (and save a word in the process)!


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