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Sirens and alarms were buzzing across the cities. Absolute chaos was spreading all over the world. It was a mad state of affairs. Men were running helter-skelter. Women were either pelting stones at them or running far away from them. The government and police were helpless too, as most of the men who worked in these institutions were facing the same situation from the women in their house/neighbourhood. There was lawlessness all over. The Cycle of Nature was at grave risk too, with all women joining the Mahila-Mandal groups, screaming - “We hate that smelly stubble”, and declaring - they wouldn't have anything to do with the men species anymore!!

A new kind of epidemic was spreading fast. And it was being spread by men. The epidemic was of 'smell'. Men were getting lazier by the day! They didn’t shave, thinking it was a manly thing. But in reality the women considered it most dirtiest and disgusting habit; unhygienic to the core. Not shaving was same like not bathing. Imagine the stink that’ll come from someone if he doesn’t take bath for days. Same was the case with not shaving. And women were no longer going to tolerate. Either Shave or Suffer! Only those who shaved were let inside their homes.

BlogAdda Blog AwardBlogAdda Blog AwardBlogAdda Blog Award
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BlogAdda Blog AwardBlogAdda Blog Award
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  1. I think it is only right if women expect men to shave daily... and they don't take so kindly to stubbles, smelly or not.

    Arvind Passey

  2. Either Shave or Suffer!!! Liked it Nandini :) I have tagged you here Hope you will acknowledge :)

    Someone is Special


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