The mention of 'tablets' scares the hell out of me. I remember, whenever I fell sick my mother used to chase me around the house with some bitter doctor-prescribed tablets for me to gulp down. She'd coax, cajole me and also tempt me with goodies if I'd have them. But I'd try various tricks to avoid them. Then one day I saw Swami Ramdev on TV, and learnt that practicing Yoga would ensure that I'd never need those horrible tablets ever again. So while Ramdev jumped around inside the TV, pumping his stomach or doing anulom-vilom pranayams, I tried to ape him. He jumped, I jumped, he breathed, I breathed, he stood on his head, I did the same ( err well... 'tried' would be the correct word ). In my hate for the tablets, I became the yoga-guru's best long-distance disciple. Diseases didn't dare to approach me anymore, and life was simple, fun, happy and gay \YAY/

One day, I was going for a trip and carried my rather bulky laptop along. We had urgent stuff to regularly update from a remote place, into our facebook/twitter social-media profiles, as it was a live-event followed by many. So, whenever something interesting happened, my colleague cum friend would instantly click pictures or write and post the updates in real-time. While it'd take ages for me to make notes, open my laptop, connect all wires, check if they were working properly, click pictures from my camera then wait to transfer them to my laptop and finally post. Phew! As a result, I'd find all my updates much behind hers. Her followers were increasing rapidly. While mine I assume, were pretty pissed off with me. I tried to find out what she was using, that had her soaring the popularity charts.
"Tablet," she said. I was like - Whaaaat? Did I hear it wrong? Come again?
"Tablet," She repeated again.
I was flabbergasted. We were in a remote town, and my friend was speaking of 'tablets', of all things. The last thing I wanted was her to fall sick. But there was a proud smile behind that word 'tablet', almost a show-off kinda, which I didn't miss. People donot usually feel proud when they fall sick and need tablets, do they? I wanted to pull my hairs out trying to decipher what exactly was wrong.

"Oh..ND! You are still living in the stone-ages. I'm perfectly okay, worry not. Its not the tablet you're thinking about, silly gal. This Tablet of mine is the latest amongst gadgets, that are smaller than a laptop, but does everything like a PC. Its easy to carry around and my work gets done instantly."
Feeling suspicious that I still didn't grasp what she was saying, she took out the gadget and thrust it in my face.
"Oh..this? Its so tiny. I thought it was your phone." I mumbled, rather sheepishly. How on earth did she type on it without breaking her fingers, I thought to myself.
"See gal, its slightly bigger than phones," my friend started explaining patiently ( as though explaining to a dumb-headed kid. I surely felt like one that time heheh ;-), and began showing me the various features her gadget had. I felt like the Flintstones from Stone Ages seeing the Tablet. It was awesome. The Tablet was light and easy to carry. I was so impressed by it that I promised myself to buy one as soon we returned to the city. My fan following would grow like hers too, I thought determined, feeling nearly jealous knowing her secret now.

After we returned, I started Tablet hunting instantly. For first time in my life I was eager to buy one and was literally chasing them. I browsed through both online and offline shops and finally bought one after coughing up almost all my savings.
I'm a blogger who loves writing. And I spend almost my whole day in front of my laptop. So, with my new gadget in my hands now, I turned to using it frequently too ( as I used my laptop before ). After all my friend had given me quite a positive feedback and I had personally seen her fan-following bulging day by day - which I attributed to her splendid gadget.

But little did I know, my Tablet would turn out to be a little monster giving me frequent nightmares and cause me public embarrassment!


An ordinary Tablet ( no matter how expensive ) can become a living nightmare!

  • In my efforts to look techno-savvy, I started using it while travelling in local bus/trains ( I had seen others doing it too ). Its embarrassing to admit here, the number of times it slipped from my hands in those very- crowded trains, with the other passengers giving me 'those' irritated looks. More embarrassing was, it'd fall at such odd places, that I'd have to literally crawl underneath the seats or meander through tired-standing legs of the passengers ( asking them to shift ) in the tiny congested compartment, until I found it. One of them once said sarcastically ( loud enough for me to hear ) - "Don't understand why people buy fancy gadgets if they donot know how to use them, hmph!"
    I wanted to scream back, that it wasn't my fault. My hands ached carrying its slippery edges, hence it fell. Oh well! It was a tragedy I had to suffer alone. So, I stopped using it while travelling - atleast, I'd not have to hear those snide remarks.

  • At home, I thought the tablet would fare better. But I couldn't have been more wrong. First of all unlike an obedient laptop, it just wouldn't sit straight ( or be the way I wanted ). It showed attitude, that I could do nothing about. So, I had to put all kinds of support behind ( books, pillows etc ), so that atleast it stood in the slanting position, and I could work on it. My elbows would pain, from constantly balancing on them so that I could position myself in front of the tablet. And my neck would strain too along with my wrists, that'd ache holding it long. I tried lying on my back and held the tablet up, or laid flat on my stomach while trying to keep it on the bed-surface, or even sat upright and tried holding it in my hands. Nothing worked without my body parts starting to ache after just a few moments. Then I tried balancing on my lap too, but after a while it'd get all too tiring as I'd have to bend half my head/body/spine. I discovered all the various positions I was trying to do, so that I could use the tablet, were no less than some strenuous Yoga position themselves. How I wished then that instead of me jumping around the tablet, it had some features that'd enable it to stand or tilt as I wished. Ah..if only wishes came true like that.

    After, being tired with it, I got fed up and gave up. I decided to chuck it for good. I kept aside the tablet in some remote corner of my home, so that I didn't have to see its 'manhoos' face ever again. I've had enough and went back to my old faithful laptop. Yes, it gave me trouble too, especially when I went on trips that needed constant real-time uploading. But atleast it was better than the stupid tablet, I thought. So, now my hate for tablets were re-enforced. And this time it was for both - medicine tablets as well as gadget tablets. I wanted to stay miles away from them!


    Lenovo's Yoga Tablet makes life so much easier and simpler.Go Lenovo!

    I was invited to yet another trip recently and my friend was accompanying me as well. It was the hilly terrains of Manipur that we were covering. This time I knew my friend's secret already, so didn't feel jealous anymore. Rather, I was pitying her that perhaps she had to go through the same pain that I was subject to, while I had the tablet myself.

    "What ND, you're still using that jurrassic-aged laptop," she exclaimed, as soon as she saw me working away at my old laptop, in my tent. It was the same one I had taken along on the earlier trips too. "Where's your Tablet? I thought you had bought one, didn't you?
    "Well...," I began, not wanting to be reminded of my nightmare. "I prefer my laptop dear. That thing was too complicated. In any case, I do understand now, life must've not been that smooth with you either with the tablet." I tried to console her, to share the pain together.
    "What do you mean?" She snapped back, feeling offended.
    I hurried to explain her my Tablet-tragedy tale, lest she abandoned me in the Manipur jungles out of anger. After all she was the one with proper navigation tools/maps etc using her tablet, and knew the way back. I just couldn't fathom how she tolerated the 'torture', that gadget, so apparently gave. And in the hilly area that we were in, it would be so much more difficult to carry it around. What if it slipped and fell off some thousand feet cliff? My mind was filled with such apprehensive thoughts.

    "You're really living in the Jurrasic ages ND! The tablet I'm using these days is the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet," my friend said proudly.
    "Whaaat?" Did I hear it right. I nearly laughed hearing the name. Or was she the one making fun of me, having heard my tablet saga? She was already aware that I was an ardent Ramdev follower too. So was she teasing me?.
    "Its the Yoga Tablet, ND! You heard it right. Come I'll show you. You'll simply love it. Don't be so suspicious all the time."

    Saying this, she pulled me to her tent across from mine. Her tent was neat, unlike mine that was filled with laptop cables, paper etc ( I wrote notes before typing them on my laptop ). In her makeshift work space, stood only one thing 'tall' - the gadget. I was simply awed to see the 'tablet' standing on its own, without any support. It was a miracle. It had a support cylinder that kept the tablet in place. Never had I seen a tablet like this. Seeing my awestruck expression, my friend then said, "There's more ND. We're getting just started," and she winked.

    Like some child seeing her favourite toy, I continued to watch as she demonstrated her Yoga Tablet.
    "Hold it," she gave the tablet for me to hold. Unlike my previous tablet or any that I'd seen so far, that were often thin with pointed edges, this one had a thick grip on one side - that made 'holding' so much easier. One could hold the tablet for much longer that way, and steadily too.
    "You always wanted to know how I did my work so fast, right?" She asked. I nodded my head. "Then come I'll show you."
    With that she lay on her stomach and set the tablet in the 'tilt' position, by just flipping open a support behind the cylinder. The tablet was in such a position now, that one could easily read or write stuff on it comfortably. My friend then posted couple of her facebook updates rapidly, one after another just like that, right in front of me. I was too amazed to utter a word.
    "You know now why it is called the Yoga tablet. Its because it is so flexible and we can set it anyway we wish," she smiled at me.
    I realized it was no joke. This was a real thing happening in front of my eyes. 'Yoga Tablet' - the name was for a reason. And what a perfect reason it was. It made total sense. For a while, nothing came out of my mouth. That beautiful gadget mesmerized and had me completely hypnotized. I just knew I had to have it. The live demonstration that my friend gave, ensured that this was one Tablet like no other.

    "Where did you buy it? Is it imported?" I blurted out, curious.
    "No silly. I got it from Lenovo themselves. They're are launching the Yoga Tablet in India, so they selected a few people to try it out first. Seeing my popularity in social-media, they chose me as well to review it. And tell you what, I'm simply loving it," she gushed excitedly. "Don't worry, you can buy it too. I think by the time we return ( in next few days ), it'll be available in all major online and offline retail stores. You can even pre-order it."
    "I'll pre-order," I said, almost instantly. I simply wanted this tablet. The more I saw its unique features, more I was sure, I had to 'own' it anyhow. And yes, maybe my popularity charts would soar too finally, like my friend's, with the right tablet - which was definitely a #BetterWay!

    "Cool, I'll pre-order it from their online retail outlet thedostore for you then," my friend said.
    I nodded affirmative. Finally my phobia from tablets were over. With the pre-order done within minutes, I was only too eager to return back home and greet this beauty into my life :-)


    YOGA TABLET - 3 modes ( HOLD, STAND, TILT ), 18 hours of battery & Voice Calls. BUY LENOVO YOGA FROM FLIPKART!

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    Liked it? Then please 'VOTE' for it >> HERE | Lenovo Yoga Tablet comes with some exciting new features :
    HOLD MODE : Better grip, better fit. The shape and placement of the battery cylinder makes this lightweighttablet easier to grip and better for one-hand use. Its ergonomic design shifts the Center of gravity to make it more comfortable for your wrist.
    STAND MODE : No other device stands up to Yoga Tablet. Engineered with a kickstand and battery cylinder that balances weight at the base, this device stands on its own. Sit back and take in a rich entertainment experience. Front-facing Speakers with Dolby Digital Plus offer enhanced sound clarity.
    TILT MODE : Yoga Tablet's battery cylinder and kickstand provide a more natural angle for touching and typing. Now, no matter where you are sitting, everything on the screen looks, feels, and responds better than ever.

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