Recently I was on the #ChennaiExpressAndYou trip down south. The network was crazy, but somehow I had managed to log into my favourite blogging community website 'indiblogger'. As soon as I saw the Bacardi Breezer contest on the homepage, the first thing I did was - click the 'Island Pineapple' flavour - even before I understood what the contest was all about ( which by the way, I got to know only after I returned ). Why I chose Pineapple of all the flavours? My choice was almost instinctive - because it is the only one fruit in the world, I've been so crazy about all through my life. Yes, I absolutely love PINEAPPLE!! No other flavour can dare to compare with it ;-)

Pineapple is the only flavour that instantly transports you to some dreamy exotic location ( eg. Hawaii, Caribeans islands, Brazil, Thailand etc ) with beaches, wild flowers, drums, music, drinks, dancing, fun and laughter all around. No other flavour has that impact. Wanna Bet? ;-)

My Love-Affair with Pineapple - When I was a child, I used to watch fascinatedly as my mother ( an agriculture expert ) would take the leafy heads or 'crown' of the pineapple and place them in the soil, in straight lines. In a few weeks, these 'crowns' would take their roots underneath and start to grow bigger ( i.e new leaves would sprout from it ), till ultimately the baby pineapples would begin popping out. It was a mesmerizing experience to witness this magnificent fruit grow in your own backyard. Such was my love for 'pineapple flavour' that, my mother would take these home grown pineapples to her office, where they had a separate juice making centre ( they made/used preservatives etc for the products ). At the end of the day, our driver would drop the ready pineapple-squash bottles at our home. Not to mention, thrilled at the sight of those tempting yellow liquid bottles, I would get sipping instantly, and it'd get over all too soon. Not simply satisfied with just the juices, I used to love eating its yellow juicy flesh too ( which I still do ), sprinkled with some chat masala. My mother would even make khatta-meetha pineapple chutney out of this fruit. Absolute Yumminess!! :D


Pineapples grown in my backyard | Popular fabric motif in HawaiianAloha Shirts


Refreshing Pineapples atop Pamban Bridge #ChennaiExpressandYou

Pineapple the Recharger - This month i.e November'13, four of us bloggers were onboard the #ChennaiExpressandYou. We traveled many places down south, re-living the ChennaiExpress movie. While we were enroute to KanyaKumari from Rameshwaram, we halted at the Pamban bridge to view the famous old bridge that run over the seas. While the view was simply enthralling, we also spotted many vendors selling pineapples over there. My mouth naturally started watering seeing them. Soon we called one and had some refreshing bites - Whew! All of us were instantly recharged and how!


Pineapple Health Benefits - Believe it or not, pineapple has tremendous health benefits, in addition to its juiciness and vibrant flavour. This exotic tropical fruit is rich in Vitamin C, manganese, bromelain, dietary fibre, vitamin B1/B6, copper, folate etc all of which has different anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, digestive and other immune benefits. It also defends the body against certain tumours and free radicals that attack our body regularly. Consistent regular intake of the fruit in moderate quantities ( eg. raw chunks in coleslaw, salads ) is extremely good and highly recommended.

Amazing Pineapple Facts -

  • Pineapples stop ripening as soon as they are picked, so careful selection is extremely necessary and vital.
  • Pineapple is not just one fruit, but is made up of many flowers within it. And each of these florets have their own 'eye' to identify them, which are visible on the surface. All the fruits ( or rather florets ) are attached to a spine in the core of the fruit.
  • The base of the fruit is more sweeter and soft.
  • Highly perishable; it is to be eaten fast - which I love doing by the way :-)

    Why the Pineapple Flavour? - because.....

    Its the only flavour that makes me wanna go gaga,
    Its the only flavour that makes me wanna dance Tango, Rumba n Salsa ♪ ♫ ♡ ‏
    Its the only flavour that sets me up in the party mood,
    Pineapple it is, \Yay/ And no other flavour! ♪ ♫ ♡


    Used everywhere, from Fruit Salads, Salsas, Raitas, Cakes, Ice Creams, Conserves & Chutneys, Juices and now BACARDI BREEZER! - Versatile Pineapple - the Winner!!

    Breezers from Bacardi are a great option for the crowds over 25. It has variety of fruit flavours with low alchohol content ( 2-4% ). Hence anyone can enjoy it ( both males & females ). Many experiments like cocktails etc can also be done with it, besides drinking it as it is. Its also compatible with all cuisines. Hence, a perfect Party companion. Need I say more? Bring the BREEZERS ON!!!

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