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Phew...climbing up those virtual steps right up to the stage and accepting the 'BlogAdda Award' facing 'YOU' - the giant audience, is indeed an exhilarating experience! I'm delighted, thrilled. I'm in seventh heaven \ YAY /. Indeed, I am overwhelmed and accept the award gladly and humbly :-) With this award comes greater responsibilities too, and I hope, I live up to everyone's expectations.

Now, where do I begin? Wow...this is really difficult. Thank God I have my speech ready, so I'll read it out. Its rather long, but hey 'I JUST WON AN AWARD' so bear with me!

My blogging journey this past year has been incredible to say the least. I came across the famous blogging community 'BlogAdda' around this time last year, and ever since its been an integral part of my life. There's not a single day when I don't check their site, the BAforum, FB page or Twitter handle. I think I'm addicted to them. So obviously I'll credit a major part of this victory i.e the prestigious 'BlogAdda Award' to BlogAdda itself ( and also few other blogging/writing communities that I became part of later ). I must admit, its really these blogging communities that has fueled my writings many folds. And with the other awesome bloggers that are members here, I often find myself competing to excel better, to perfect my art ( in healthy competitive spirits ).
Being part of such an incredible community that gives some regular 'awesome' writing prompts such as 'WOW', as well as brings some of the most fabulous contests, and not to mention their coveted books & product reviews programmes that I got to be part of - it all has stimulated my brain cells to give my creative best all the time. All these and more, has definitely made me a more focused blogger. So a big 'thank you' to BlogAdda for being there. You guys are awesome - and I hope you find me my missing Wills Lifestyle vouchers someday, heheh :D I know, you will :-)

Writing has always been my passion. I remember when we were young, our parents used to take us along to watch movies. On return, I'd take my diary out and write the whole story in my own words, give my own twists and turns, climaxes. Writing let me escape into my own world of imagination, where I could make characters, kill them, bring them alive again. So, for me it was too much fun. I dreamt of becoming a big writer someday - whose stories the world would die to read, and possibly have my own stories made into movies as well. Later in school, as I grew, writing brought me some laurels & recognition too. Every week, I'd secretly mail my stories/poems to the local daily papers, and wait eagerly for Sunday to come. They'd get published in the 'children's corner' of the newspaper and those were my proudest moments. My school mates also gave extra respect, 'cos they too would see those published items - and my self-esteem would be boosted. I won some of the children's writing contests held by these newspapers too. And couple of my stories got published in our school magazine as well. Thus, from young, I always knew writing and me would never part. So, my second thanks would be to those local daily newspaper editors, and school-mag editors who selected my stories/poems and encouraged me, all those years ago.

As I grew more, I found, fate had something else in store for me. I had taken up 'commerce' in college, and all my writing connections got cut off over night. After college, I got busy chasing careers and didn't remember the writer in me for years, thereafter. All the stuff I wrote in my school days, were pushed to some remote corners of my cupboard, forgotten.
It was until internet came into our lives, and more importantly I got introduced to the world of blogging - that my interest in writing re-sparkled. Google and it's Blogspot -- they opened my imaginary world of characters once again. They unlocked the key to my creative mind once again, and in a big way. So thirdly, my thanks will be dedicated to this awesome company with whom I started my blogging journey. Can we imagine a blogging life without a Blogspot? Hell no! They are my life now. I won't survive a single day without them!

Many people opt for their own .com domains after blogging a while. But I decided to keep my domain always as '' and never change it, nor change the first 'classic' theme that I had chosen, when I first started out. Its somewhat a tribute to them, in my own way :-) I feel 'content' is more important than trivial decorations - so I'll always strive to write meaningful and rich stuff. And I'm glad, this determination has earned me few a blogging rewards, as well as this prestigious Award today :-)

If my blog weren't virtual, overjoyed today as I am, I'd have given it a thousand *wet* kisses for winning me this award. But since it is virtual, and I can't really touch it with my hands, I can only thank it by writing better. Make my blog proud of me and vice versa ;-)
I hope it becomes the best and top-rated blog ever ( my dream ), and this BlogAdda Award is already a big step towards it. I'd like to receive 'the award' from no less than the president of India himself - cos I feel it is the highest position in our country. But maybe that's not possible, but I'll love it if I get congratulatory messages from the country heads on this mammoth achievement of mine ( I am kidding of course, I have a long way to go to reach that level ).

I'd like to end my speech by thanking all those who've been there ( or not been there ) - my parents, relatives, neighbours and their pet dogs/cats and everyone in this planet and of course God too! Thank you...thank you! You all made my day :D ~ Party Time \ YAY /

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BlogAdda Blog Award
This is My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!

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