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I always thought,
That things changed,
Bad to good or good to bad,
Sad to happy, happy to sad...

We change too,
Grow from young to old,
The fruits on trees,
A cycle of plant from seeds...

Day to night or night to day,
Earth moves everyday,
Bringing all these varied changes,
In all forms - life or matter...

Volcanoes changes earth's layers,
Rivers changes as it meanders,
The universe outside too changes,
Brings galaxies near or farther...

The changes goes on,
And forever it continues,
Because, all these changes are
But tricks of changing time's cues.

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Copyright 2013 © Nandini Deka

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  1. I have to reload your page several times before I can leave comments I am not sure it is just me.

    Beautiful poem, the only constant is change


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