I saw a fairy angel in my dreams one night,
She smiled at me till I sat upright,
You are awake my dear, and this is for real, she said...
Cos' for a while, I wondered what was the deal.
I pinched myself hard to reassure,
Howled in pain, but she was still there.

I'm here to grant you a few wishes, she smiled,
Tell me what you desire the most in this world,
And it shall be guaranteed yours, she assured...
But make sure you choose well, and do not haste,
Cos' once gone, this chance will never come back.

I thought hard, what I could need,
There were many things that multiplied my greed,
But house, car I already had, gold and diamonds I needed not,
My mind then went empty for a while,
So many things I've always yearned, yet now, could think not.

I'm getting late, the fairy angel warned,
Do not take so long, just be quick,
A hint for you though, I could give...
In your childhood, what was it that you always dreamt?
This mention, instantly cleared my foggy mind,
And I was ready with my wish-list tight.

I want to travel every corner of this majestic world,
Under the seas, deep valleys and high up in the mountains,
Across all continents and oceans, I blurted out.
Yes, a world tour was what I've always wanted,
I wanted to take my near and dear ones along as well,
Cruise through all ancient and new wonders of this world,
Explore and cherish all of God's and men's creations.

Granted, she smiled waving her magic wand,
You shall indeed get your wish fulfilled,
She said that and then simply vanished.
Next few days were quite busy, hectic days,
Mysteriously got a world tour package from Yatra Holidays,
I knew in my heart, it was my fairy angel at work,
While others all stood and watched at my luck, simply awed.

Soon, packed we all were and geared up to boot,
For the upcoming, world trip vacation huge,
I was taking my family, friends and neighbors along,
It sure was a gigantic attempt.
We flashed our holiday vouchers wherever we went,
And things were so smoothly handled,
By efficient staff of Yatra management.

Aboard on a luxurious Boeing plane we all sat,
That was fully booked just for us alone,
From one place to another, it'd take us hopping the world,
We simply had to sit back and enjoy the journey ahead.
Wonders of the world are vary and many,
Our camcorders were ready to zoom and click, if we spotted any.

We started off with the world world charms,
After all don't they say old is gold; cradles of civilizations,
Spotted the Pyramids of Giza,
Compared 'em with those of Mayan era,
While the hanging gardens of Babylon beckoned,
We saluted Zeus statue at Olympia...
Oogled at The Greek Temple of Artemis in Ephesus,
Wandered the ruins of life at the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus,
While Colossus of Rhodes impressed us no bounds,
We marvelled the dawn of modernity
via Lighthouse of Alexandria.

From the ancient and mysterious Stonehenge, to the Colosseum,
followed by Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa,
We climbed Great Wall of China, meandered through,
Porcelain Nanjing Tower,
Halting in awe at the Hagia Sophia...
Sat a while at Cairo Citadel, paused at Ely Cathedral,
And walked through the Cluny Abbey Monastery,
Holding our balance at the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
We then admired peacefully,
Our own magnificent Taj Mahal structure.

After the architectural odyssey, we took the nature trail,
As expected, the wonders of nature too, did not fail.
Mesmerizing depths of the Grand Canyon,
And shallow delights of Great Barrier Reef,
The wide Harbor of Rio de Janeiro,
Or towering heights of Mount Everest,
The mysterious Aurora lights, or the once fuming ParĂ­cutin volcano,
Calming waters or frozen state of Victoria Falls, and Iguazu,
Table Mountain deep south, Halong Bay or Amazon Rainforest,
The Jeju Island or the Komodo, never ceased to amaze.


The pictures above are simply not enough,
There's more exotic places on earth I wanna go, both below n' above,
In between these many trips we tried local cuisines, games and more,
The more we travelled, unveiled or explored,
We found, we've still not covered ground enough.

Maybe someday my fairy angel shall re-appear,
And grant me similar wish again,
Till I've seen every inch of this beautiful planet,
Be it Goa, Singapore or Thailand's Phuket,
My urge to travel shall never end!



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  1. Poetry that has its lines centered always tell me that the writer is a bindaas, free-wheeling character... obviously you don't want to be fettered by syllabic count (iambs are too far away!). :)
    Nice post... all the best.

    Arvind Passey

  2. cool post...the lyrics have a zing to them...good luck

  3. A World Tour package...Whoa! Wish all travel enthusiasts could win a wish like that. :D

    1. oh yes...its one of my dreams :-D


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