Mitali was a bright and intelligent girl since her school days. Highest scorer, she was the absolute favourite of her teachers. She had two younger sisters, who drew inspiration from her and considered her as their idol. Very soon, Mitali passed out from school and as a young girl was eager to begin her college life. She had ambition to be an astronaut and fly high into space. She wanted to diligently move towards her goal, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams being her 'heroes’.

Mitali came home excitedly, after securing admission in a reputed science college as a first step towards her ultimate aim, but was in for a surprise.

“I told you, no studying business. We have agreed to Mr.Bajaj’s proposal, and that’s final,” her father’s stern words crushed her very soul, her hopes and her dreams.
Mitali gave a pleading look towards her mother, but received a helpless shrug instead!

“We are not your enemy ‘beti’, you are our eldest daughter. You have two sisters after you as well. You should think of them too. What will people say that Yadav ji is keeping his daughter home, instead of marrying her off? We have a reputation to keep. The Bajaj’s are the best choice we‘ve got as ‘sambandhis’.

Soon, Mitali found herself bidding farewell to her family, and became a ‘bahu’ of the Bajaj household. She couldn’t rebel against her father, so sacrificed her dreams.

Bajajs were garment merchants belonging to same community. Anil, Mitali’s husband looked after their wholesale business that had been passed down generations, along with his cousins. Theirs was a joint family, so everything was shared. Only the elders had the decision making powers.
Mitali had adjusted into the family quite well. But it did upset her a bit that her husband was always answerable to the elders. Though they were well off, Anil had to literally beg his share of money from the elders!

“Are you mad? Do you know what you are suggesting?” Anil asked one day, nearly shocked at Mitali’s suggestion.
“I’m not suggesting anything extreme. I only asked you to open our own retail outlet. It will always be connected to the main business, but we will be independent too. I’m sure the elders will agree, it’ll bring profits not losses.”

Anil reluctantly agreed, and soon they opened a retail outlet. Thankfully, rest of the family was not against the idea. Infact, they were glad to expand the business. They even complimented their ‘smart’ bahu.

The new store was Mitali’s new baby now. Happy to get some kind of independence atlast, she spent lot of time planning, designing the interiors, layout, choice of materials etc. Anil was impressed by his wife’s enthusiasm and let her handle it all.
The store, doing extremely well, Mitali opened a jewellery counter as well, displaying some well known brands like Tanishq. It is one of the most popular stores now.

She may not have conquered the stars, but she surely succeeded in conquering many hearts, that was her flight.


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  1. Wow...the story is really nice!
    We are in a world now where we have to stand up, put our foot down, protest, and make sure we get what we need- Respect.

    Follow if you feel the same.

    If you feel that this darkness might get a light.

    Great blog, again!

  2. Great story!
    Making the best out of what we have is something to be learned and practiced!


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