Theme for May 3, 2013 'WOW' : If you could have one day repeat over and over again for the rest of your life, which day would it be? Why?

Though the topic might sound dreamy and romantic to many, in reality it’s a bit scary if you really think deep.

Do I want the same day to repeat itself over and over again for the rest of my life? No matter even if that day was the most happiest or memorable day of my life? The answer would be no! I don't want any day repeated even once, much less repeated for rest of my life.

There are many days which are forever etched in my memory as most happiest, be it the day I was born ( though I don’t really remember any of it lol ), or be it my 10th birthday when I was pampered and lavished like a princess with gifts and the special birthday celebrations that followed each year, my amazing school and college days that has some of the coolest memories imprinted forever, or that awesomest day when I met the love of my life, the moments we spent together, the craziness and wild times we had, or even the day when I saw my mother after nearly three years of living away – the happiness to be home again.

There are many such days, days that I cherish a lot, but even if I were to pick one and be stuck with it for the rest of my life, I would hesitate in doing so.

Because, I believe we grow each day, and to be stuck in a repeat mode of a particular day for rest of life would mean, the same things that happened on that 'particular day' would keep repeating over and over again, and we would not grow! That initial happiness might eventually change into an infinite monotonous cycle, and it’ll gradually feel like being stuck in a strange trap. Like a brainwashed situation where only 1 day would exist in our lives and hence no further memories except that day. Do we really want that to happen?

For instance, if I were to pick the day I met my boyfriend and dated the first time. I was most happiest then. We had the most beautiful time together. And we hoped that we'd meet more often, do more new stuff together and enjoy life. Maybe get married later, have children, grow old and so on. But, if I choose only the day of my first happiest date and want it to be repeated on a loop forever, then we’d be doing the same things over and over, what we did on that 'particular day'. Every day would be the same, we would not be doing anything new and we will be trapped in a cycle. We would not grow and experience new things if the same day were to repeat. I might even start hating my bf then, lol.

Same will happen, if I chose any other day and be stuck with it in a repeat mode.

So, no! I don’t want a same day to repeat over and over again at all. I want a new day each day, bringing with it all of life’s myriad experiences - whether good or bad, so that I can truely enrich my life more, and savor the variety that life offers on this planet.

Of course, I would be deeply appreciative of those happy days gone by and thank God that I got to live through each of them. But still, I wouldnot want them repeated at any cost. I want to move on, grow and experience new things each and every day and hope each day is unique in itself offering a rich variety of things to be done/explored/experienced. After all variety is the spice of life ;-)

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  1. Anonymous13:53

    so nicely you dug out the fact .. let every day be a new day .. indeed !!
    i feel the good old day was the best for that moment .. may not be anymore when repeated ..
    A surprise,shock,thrill can never be repeated ...
    in the true sense
    Yes variety is probably a great way of life :)

  2. Beautiful post Nandini! You have explained your point of view very clearly and i must say that of all wow posts, your post is quite different! :)

  3. Nice thought...and i am with you for your thoughts...but i have a different way of looking things...suppose i put my life in the situation you described above...i would like my life to grow from that moment...i mean to say...suppose the day i meet my girlfriend was my happiest day...and the moments i spend with her...were the best...than...i would try to have that day as a sample and i would like each and every day of my life to do things...that we decided to do in future on that day...i would like to fulfill all my dreams that we had talked about in that special day...!!!


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